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The Name Talim means "blade" as a noun, or "sharp" as an adjective in Tagalog, her major dialect in the Filipino language. In Muslim, the name Talim is used for boys and it means education, or instruction. Based on Talim's personality, I thought that the website really portrayed her well. If you want to search a characters name, feel free to go to and see what you can find about their names as well!

⇒ Your first name, Talim, creates an independent, determined, and persevering nature

⇒ You desire to work on your own or at least where you are making your own decisions.

⇒ You enjoy working with your hands and can be resourceful and inventive along practical lines.

⇒ Being much focused on your pursuits, at times you overlook the personal considerations and attentions that create understanding and companionship with others.

⇒ This name causes you to suffer with self-consciousness in new situations and an inability to be diplomatic when situations warrant.

⇒ You are loyal in friendships and express candidly.

⇒ You enjoy outdoors activities with a few close friends.

⇒ Tension could affect the eyes, ears, teeth, or sinuses.

⇒ Frequent head colds or severe headaches are potential problems.

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