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- 100x100 avatars
- wallpaper


The following screen shots were all taken by me. You can use them to create your own media section, but you can not take the images and put them into your own gallery. If any images are used, please do not direct link, or claim them as your own. You must link back to Righteous Fury and/or supply my email on your website if you do choose to use the images for anything. Thanks!

- Openings 2003-2017, original and go! (14 screenshots)
- Season 1 2003, episodes 1-13 (84 screenshots)
- Season 2 2004, episodes 14-26 (86 screenshots)
- Season 3 2004-2005, episodes 27-39 (80 screenshots)
- Season 4 2005, episodes 40-52 (105 screenshots)
- Season 5 2005-2006, episodes 53-65 (61 screenshots)
- Trouble in Tokyo 2006, first movie (41 screenshots)
- Teen Titans GO! 2013-present, a glimpse at Starfire (14 screenshots)

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