When Starfire's home planet was under attack, her elder sister, Blackfire, had also betrayed her. She aided in Starfire's capture by the enemies, the Gordanians. These aliens were told that they could have Starfire in order for a truce on Tamaran, in which they accepted. When Starfire was in the enemy ship, she proved to be a powerful Tamaranean warrior. Escaping, she fled to the nearest planet, which happened to be Earth. Here, she didn't speak the native tongue, she was angry and scared, and she wanted to free her hands from captivity. So, she began to destroy everything and attack as much as she could. Starfire didn't realize that she was creating a huge scene and hurting others, simply because she was selfishly trying to free herself in survival mode.

Robin, a new resident to Jump City was fighting solo in the streets when he saw a huge green light hit near by. He ran over to the scene, and saw an alien girl attacking the city. As he approached her for battle, he realized she was going to be a tough apponent. A green animal ran towards Starfire, who ends up being Beast Boy, a recent loner, looking for a new group to battle crime with. A hooded, large man, also ran out and stated, "Who is messing up my city?!" As his hood was ripped, we see that it is Cyborg. In the shadows, a hooded female is watching, and ends up shielding Starfire from attack when she sees that the alien girl is distressed, and states that attacking her may not be the best option. This hooded girl ends up being Raven, a dark-energized girl who claims she isn't the "hero" type.

When Starfire is finally able to learn the English language by kissing Robin, she tells them all to leave her alone so they won't get destroyed. In this moment, they all thought she was threatening them, but they soon find out that it's the Gordanian's that are going to attack them. Robin decides he isn't going to give up on the alien girl, and goes after her. Before he is able to go alone, Beast Boy claims that he wants to join in, followed by Cyborg, and eventually a hesitant Raven. When they find the alien girl again, they tell her they will all fight in order to save her and the city. At the end of the battle, the group realizes that they were pretty good at fighting. Robin decides to stop being naive and accept help again. Beast Boy is eager to kick butt, and agrees to get rid of his mask from his old fighting-team. Cyborg embraces his true identity and learns how to find strength in his new half man, half robot physique. Raven realizes that it's okay to have dark energy, because her friends will always be there to show her the light. And Starfire asks the group if she can stay because she likes how nice planet Earth is. This is when the Teen Titans officially form.


As the Titans form, the group expands to more than just the main five listed above. Robin gives out a communicator that he had created to all of the Teen Titans, including the 22 Honorary Titans throughout the series. This communicator tells the Honorary Members that they will never be alone in times of trouble, and that the Teen Titans will always be a call away. However, in season 5, this communicator ends up being a way for the Brotherhood of Evil to find all of the Teen Titans and try to destroy all the good-guys. In the end, the Teen Titans (all members) end up showing the Brotherhood of Evil who is really in control, and win! Below, I have listed the signifcant Honorary Titans to Starfire, and reasons why with images. However, the remainder of them will also be listed alphabetically at the bottom with no images. Starfire doesn't pay too much attention to the Honorary members, but she does form a relationship with a few of them. She appreciates them for who they are, as she loves to make friends. However, if she had a relationship with all of them, the series would be too long!


a member of the lost sunken civilization of Atlantis. He appears as a tall, lean humanoid wearing a blue-and-black scaly skintight bodysuit, with long black hair and black eyes with white irises. Starfire and Raven both instantly connected with him, thinking he was attractive and mysterious.


deputized by Starfire while walling off a fractured dam, she is soon attacked and captured by the Brotherhood's General Immortus and flash-frozen at their headquarters in Paris.


becomes a founding member of Titans East, and eventually the leader of that squad. Starfire rescues her from The Brotherhood of Evil and brings her back for to help fight the final battle.

Mas y Menos

are superpowered twin brothers from Guatemala that join Bumblebee, Speedy and Aqualad in the newly formed Titans East. They both think that Starfire is beautiful, and often try to win her over.

Red Star

rescuing an unconscious Starfire from a bitter snowstorm. He is found to be living in a quarantined facility in complete isolation from the rest of civilization. At his request, Starfire jettisons him into deep space, where he detonates at a safe distance; all that is left in the sky is a red star. Beforehand, Robin hands Red Star a Titans Communicator, saying that he has friends if ever needed.


a super-powered teenage girl with terrakinetic abilities; she is able to telekinetically control the very ground beneath her feet, often preferring to use rocks and boulders as projectiles, as well as a vehicular means of travel. Starfire requests that they need to be close friends, and she accepts.

The other honorary Titans are as follows: Bushido, Gnarkk, Herald, Hot Spot, Jericho, Jinx, Kid Flash, Killowat, Kole, Melvin, Timmy, Teether, and Bobby, Pantha, Speedy, Thunder & Lightning, Tramm, Wildabeest.


And alas, the story begins. The Teen Titans work together to save Jump City from evil, where they face a wide range of evil bad-guys. Based in America's West Coast, its population appears to rank in the millions, according to the Teen Titans Go! series, and it is portrayed as a modern urbanized center with pizza shops, parks, businesses, houses, islands and busy streets. The city does not have a name in the animated series, but was named in the comics instead. Below are a list of some noteable bad guys that the Titans face through out the series:
- The H.I.V.E Academy, a secret campus for a rogue's gallery of superpowered teenagers, all being trained to become master criminals.
- Brother Blood, a cult leader who takes control over the H.I.V.E. Academy after the Headmistress turns up missing; his power is based mainly on his ability to manipulate others through mind control, bending large groups of people to his will.
- Gizmo, an impish young boy with a genius-level intellect who is armed with a mechanized backpack that generates multiple devices, gadgets and weapons.
- Mammoth, a hulking bestial male with mane-like hair, feral fangs, and superhuman strength. He is brought into the original H.I.V.E. trio as a counterweight to Beast Boy.
- Billy Numerous, a minor H.I.V.E member, his power is self-duplication, and he is known to brag about his crime sprees to his only friends: his own clones
- Slade, the most enduring of all of the Teen Titans' enemies, this mysterious malefactor has relentlessly stalked the Titans since the series premiere episode "Divide and Conquer." In an interview with the show's producers, Slade is also stated to have a regenerative healing factor in addition to his enhanced physical attributes. However, his most dangerous attribute is his intelligent and calculating mind, preferring to remain in the shadows rather than get his own hands dirty and is a brilliant tactician.
- The Brotherhood of Evil, a secret society of supervillains dedicated to total world domination. They are the chief rivals of Beast Boy, as well as his former unit of superheroes, the Doom Patrol.
- The Brain, The Brotherhood's leader. As suggested by the name, he is a disembodied human brain preserved in a robotic cylinder to keep it alive, only able to communicate via a voice box built in its chassis. The chassis itself is framed by the design of a sinister-looking skull. Apart from The Brain's genius level intellect, he appears to have a degree of psychokinetic powers channeled by and through his robotic shell.
- Madame Rouge, is a malleable shape-shifter with the ability to stretch and contort her body in any way she sees fit; she is most lethal for being able to fully assume the appearances of other people, able to mimic them with little means of detection
- Monsieur Mallah, a hyper-intelligent African gorilla capable of human speech who develops many of the Doomsday Devices used by the Brotherhood. Mallah is also adept at using weapons, such as grenades and a laser-firing minigun, in conjunction with his bestial strength. Mallah is extremely loyal to his master and is his trusted confidant.
- Trigon, the ancient demon king of an alternate dimension with a wrath feared throughout galaxies. It is later revealed that Trigon is the evil biological father of Raven, thereby making Trigon her chief enemy in the series.
- Control Freak, an overweight and unkempt movie fanatic, notorious for using a nuclear super-powered remote control to warp reality to suit his movie-inspired images.
- Fang, a mutant; he is human from the neck down, but has a giant four-legged spider in place of a head. The legs of his spider head have the ability to move at fast speeds and jump vast distances, while the head itself is capable of firing sticky webs and paralysis-inflicting venom beams.


During Episode 14, which is in Season 2 of Teen Titans, Starfire wants to celebrate the Tamaranean holiday, Blorthog. This is a celebration of friendship, where you give gifts and eat a lot of tasty foods. Starfire wakes up with a smile on her face, and comes out to the main living space to give thanks and love to Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven. However, to her surpise, everyone is currently fighting and not listening to her at all. An enemy comes in and ruins the day to celebrate. They find out that he is from the future and has come to steal a clock. As he opens the portal back up to fast forward into the future, Starfire jumps in after him. During the fall through time and space, Starfire manages to destroy part of his teleportation suit, stopping the time-travel to only about 20 years into the future.

When Starfire returns to Titan Tower, she is distrubed to see it is beaten up and broken. When she calls out, little spider-bots attack her, and she defeats them. An old Cyborg comes out, and she sees that he must be attached the to energy unit in the tower because his batter packs had died and he was too mentally-defeated to build any new ones once the Titans ended. Starfire asks him why the split up, and he recalls that after Starfire went throught he portal, no one got along anymore, and they decided to go there seperate ways. Starfire asks for Cyborgs help, but he says he is unable to leave, and gives her the whereabouts for Beast Boy.

Starfire finds Beast Boy -- old, fat, and balding. He is in a one-manned circus where he transforms into many different animals in a cage, and entertains humans. Starfire believes that he is trapped there, but as she is about to "free him," Beast Boy explains that he chooses to be in there alone. She asks for his help to find the Future man, but Beast Boy says he doesn't have it in him anymore.

Starfire later finds Raven, alone in an abandoned building. When Starfire tries to tell her who she is, Raven tells her to get out. This shows that without Starfire and there friendship, Raven falls back into her dark-hole, letting the evil inside her destory what was left.

Starfire decides she must take matters into her own hands, and fights the evil man alone so that she can change the future. She runs into Nightwing, which she finds out is Robin in the future. He goes solo bceause the Teen Titans broke up, and says he has been searching for her ever since she had disappeared. Nightwing states that he kept the Teen Titans communicator just in case, and calls out to everyone to come battle one more time in order save Starfire and the future. Everyone appears, and as a group they realize that they should have never split up. Starfire and the gang fight and win, and she goes back into the past. She tells her friends what she has seen, and they promise to never go into a future like that.

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