Tamaran is a fictional, far-away planet in the Teen Titans DC World. Many years before we see Starfire as she is, her home planet was attacked by the evil Gordanian Invasion Fleet. Unfortunately for Tamaran, the attack was catastrophic, turning its original oasis habitat into a desert waste-land. Starfire was betrayed by her older sister Blackfire, as she was captured by the enemies and sent away to be a slave. During this war outbreak, Starfire's parents, the Emperor Myand'r and Empress Luand'r of Tamaran, had died of a broken heart after losing Starfire. Before they had died, they sent away their only son, Wildfire, to a far away world to save the family line.

Apparently, Tamaran's air and atmospheric conditions are very similar to that of Earth, since humans from Earth are capable of easily breathing without special equipment. Although the war was catastrophic to most wildlife, some did however, survive. Starfire mentions a few of these species, and we see them through out the show as well. They are as follows:
- Flarnop, a Tamaranean creature that looks like a giant, mutated Domo-kun.
- Glorg, some type of carnivorous creature that likes to feed on Zarnics.
- Stinermite, a type of Tamaranean parasite.
- Zarnic, a type of pet Starfire once had, which was eaten by a Glorg.
- Spudlings, a type of slime creature consumed on Tamaran as live food
- Zornian muck beetle, an apparently disgusting insect with a slimy underside.
- Grisnek, an unspecified creature. Origin of the Tamaranean phrase, "The grisnek has got your tongue" (a pun on the Earth phrase "The cat has got your tongue")


As the Royal family began to crumble, Blackfire turned her back on her planet and sided with the enemy. She 'negotiated' a truce, that involved making Starfire, her own sister, a slave of the Gordanians. Blackfire, escaping from Tamaran, commited a series of unthinkable crimes. After stealing the centauri moon diamond, Blackfire fled to Earth where she had heard her sister was staying. Although Blackfire was acting kind, she had only came to hide from the Centauri Police. Once Starfire learned her sisters true intentions, she battled her in the sky and shot her down with one of her star-bolts. Blackfire was then arrested and Starfire had cleared her name.

Blackfire was able to escape from her prison cell, and returned to Tamaran. Here, she was able to deceive her people into believing that the planet was under attack again by foreign invaders. They then elected Blackfire to be the Grand Ruler of Tamaran. She convinced the people that the only way to save the planet again from the invaders was to have long-lost Princess Starfire return home and marry the head of the armada and exulted Drenthax IV ruler Glgrdsklechhh, who was a hideous green-slimey alien. This was Blackfire's way of getting revenge on her little sister for sending her to jail, and also a way to get control of the powerful Jewel of Charta. This jewel would allow Blackfire to be the most powerful of all, and take over the universe. However, this plan between Blackfire and Glgrdsklechhh was stumped thanks to Robin and the rest of the Teen Titans who found it suspicious that Starfire was being forced to marry.


Once Starfire learned of her sisters evil plan, Starfire successfully defeated Blackfire in a battle for the throne, and broke the Jewel of Charta. The people of Tamaran gave Starfire a warm welcome to be the new Grand Ruler of Tamaran. However, Starfire had such a desire to stay with her new friends and new home on Earth, that she handed the crown over to her knorfka (caretaker, adoptive father) , Galfore. Galfore proudly took the crown, as Starfire knew he was the best fit for the title, due to his apparent love and appreication for Tamaran since she was a child.

Galfore was Starfire's legal guardian and fatherly protector in her childhood years. This created a long-lasting emotional bond between the two. When Starfire returned home for the prearranged marriage by her sister Blackfire, Galfore was the only one to openly express his doubts about the whole affair. He was also quick to notice that Starfire was not at all happy with the arrangement because she had clearly given her heart to someone else. Starfire mentioned in a later episode in Season 5 to Robin that the only person to show her "kindness" was her knorfka back home, and that is why she was not used to it.

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