Starfire is a wonderful friend, and that is one of her greatest strengths in the show. She is usually the first one in the group to notice when something is wrong with a teammate, and is always willing to be there to comfort them. We see this type of interaction with every single Titan member through out the series. We also see in Season 2 that Starfire is the reason why the Teen Titans stay together forever, and without her holding the teams friendship, they would have all drifted apart. This being said, she would fight to the death for her friends, and teaches this skill to everyone else, including Raven. Raven, who is used to being alone, realizes with the help of Starfire and Robin that friendship is an important part of life, saving her life in the end.

Another strength that Starfire has is her ability to use her emotion for good in battle. Her powers are all fueled by her emotions, which 90% of the time is a strength. She demonstrated her power and strength as she escaped from the Gordanian ship. As she fought against the Gordanians with the four other young heroes, her personality calmed dramatically, and she eventually apologized for the destruction she had caused during her escape. This change in behavior suggests Starfire truly was, at heart, a somewhat friendly, kindhearted person. This one instance of destruction is probably how she is used to fighting on her home planet, but once she realizes that is not how she has to use her emotions, she learns from it and fights for good. She also tells other characters like Terra and Beast Boy to use their powers for good as well.

Starfire's ability to spread laughter and cheer is another great personality trait that she has. Her goofiness, although not always purposeful due to language barriers between her home planet and Earth, spreads a lot of joy between the Titans and other characters. This may go hand in hand with her desire to be a good friend, but it needs it's own category. Starfire is kind of like the female-relief character of the series (comparable to Beast Boy, but not as extreme). She is amusing to watch, which makes her an extremely adorable and likeable character in the animation.


Starfire has a few weaknesses in her personality that often hurt her in the end. For starters, Starfire usually finds herself in more trouble when she feels jealousy. Starfire gets extremely jealous of her sister Blackfire as she flirts with Robin and the rest of her friends, so instead of talking about it, she runs away. She then gets into trouble and under attack by the galaxy police because they frame her as Blacfkire. We also see her getting jealous against the villian Mothmans daughter, Kitten, when she forces Robin to go to her school prom. Starfire ends up fighting Kitten on the snack table, causing a scene infront of everyone. Because her powers are stirred up with emotion, she is sometimes unable to hide how she truly feels, jealousy or not.

Another weakness that Starfire possess, that many other characters do as well, is her lack of confidence in herself. Starfire gets extremely self-conscious, especially because she is different as is never really certain if she will fit in or not on Earth with her new friends. When she is going through her puberty, instead of telling her friends what is going on, she runs away again (probably ends up bad like before, right? ...right!) Starfire is almost eaten because she runs away, but thankfully for her, the Teen Titans will never let her insecurities win, as they ran after her and saved the day.

Starfire's last major weakness, that can also sometimes be argued as a strength, is her inability to stop seeing friends as friends. What does that mean exactly? Well, when Terra turns on the Teen Titans, Starfire is unable to give it her all, and instead allows Terra to get away with a lot of the evil things she does. This causes destruction for the city. However, when Robin starts acting evil in an earlier season, Starfire's inability to see him as evil actually saves him, because it turns out he was set-up. This is an iffy-one, but because in the end this inability destroyed the city, I will place it as an over-all weakness. However, all of the Titans faced this with Terra, except for Robin.

This goes hand in hand with the fact that Starfire doesn't want to harm others, which often times gets her in trouble during battle. This opens up a weak spot for enemies. Although it is good that she doesn’t aim to kill (none of them do), she is the weakest link in combat when she is feeling guilty about attacking. This causes the Titans to have to stop fighting to save her more often than not (especially in the first season). However, when she feels it is just to fight, she is extremely powerful.

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