"You must use your ability to help people."

All of Starfire's superpowers are native to her extraterrestrial species of the Tamaraneans. As a result of being experimented on, Starfire can project bright green-colored energy from her hands, activated by righteous fury. Her energy attacks produce both thermal energy and highly explosive results on contact. However, all of the Tamaranean's experience these powers at different stages in their lives due to things such as emotion, puberty, and life experiences. We see that her power is drawn out through emotion when she loses her ability to fly when she is angry at Robin for not considering her a "girlfriend," causing them to fall into a giant hole. She is also able to find new powers after she goes through her puberty-like event, giving her laser-beams from her eyes. Below are the attacks, skills, and powers that Starfire has used throughout the series.


Starfire mainly discharges circular bolts of pure radioactive energy, which are usually launched as thrown circular projectiles. This can also be done in waves out of her hands as well when she is fighting hard.

Starbolt Shields

She can erect a strong defensive energy barrier and force-field around herself; as seen in The End, Part 1 and "Can I Keep Him?"


Starfire is also able to shoot her energy in the form of powerful and large blasts from her hands. This makes it look like she is using a laser gun out of her bare hands.

Laser-Eye Beams

After going through the Tamaranean version of puberty, Starfire gained the highly useful ability to emit beams of her bright green energy from her eyes. These beams can be fired continuously in a steady stream and are more precise in direction then her Starbolts.

FTL Flight

By feeling unbridled joy, Starfire can achieve wingless flight under her own willpower faster than light itself. In space, she can travel at nearly light speed, and her superhuman strength is not diminished when airborne.

Superhuman Strength

While the true extent is unknown, she is shown over four times stronger than Cyborg himself. According to herself, Starfire is able to use her enhanced strength by using a feeling called boundless confidence.

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