Snorlax and other trainers

As we all know, Snorlax was owned by Ash Ketchum in the Pokemon Anime. However, there are some other notable trainers who own a Snorlax as well throughout the anime and game series of Pokemon. Below is some basic information on the relationship between Snorlax and each individual trainer. Each section will list the trainers in order of appearance in the series.

Anime Trainers

The first anime episode that Snorlax appears in is Wake Up Snorlax. A town that Ash and gang walk through complains about how the river flowing through their town has dried up, and it's ruining their crop production. When they investigate, they come across a giant sleeping Snorlax. Snorlax was blocking the spring water from flowing into the river by napping on it. However, earlier in the episode a Hippie Man told Ash that the PokeFlute could wake up sleeping Pokemon. They try to find him, and are startled to find out that that Snorlax actually belongs to him. The Hippie man says that he doesn't believe in keeping his Snorlax's in Pokeballs, so he allows them to roam free. They wake up once a moon to eat. This Snorlax's favorite food is is thorns, so when he is finally awoken by the PokeFlute, he eats all the thorns that are also blocking the stream. Right before Snorlax starts to fall asleep, the Hippie Man states, "I gotta go wake up another Snorlax!" This is the only episode he appears in, but he says that he has eight Snorlax.


In the episode, A Full Course Tag Battle, a rich couple, Roman and Kylie, own a fancy restaurant. The cool thing about this restaurant is that the food is completely free, but there is one catch: You must defeat Roman and Kylie in a battle before you can enter. Roman owns a Snorlax, and Kylie owns a Munchlax. Although they are able to defeat many people before Ash and gang, they are quickly, and I mean QUICKLY defeated by them. Snorlax gets knocked out by one hit from Pikachu, and Munchlax does as well. Although Kylie's Munchlax stays for a bit longer in the episode, Roman's Snorlax is quickly put back into it's PokeBall after it is defeated. This is just a cool episode because it shows a couple that uses the baby and adult stage in battle! I would personally love to fight against them!


Later on in the Pokemon Anime Series, a trainer named Daniel has an incredible relationship with his Snorlax in the episode A Marathon Rivalry. The episode starts off with a Snorlax bouncing extremely high on a trampoline in the forest. We learn later that Daniel uses scientific training methods with his Snorlax. This makes his Snorlax extremely well behaved, always listening to Daniel. Daniel trains his Snorlax extremely hard because he is determined to win the Pokeathlon. This sparks Ash's interest in participating with Pikachu. However, Daniel doesn't think he'd have a chance because he realizes Ash doesn't train scientifically. Ash helps Daniel to realize that training also has to do with emotion, and that he has to take his Snorlax's feelings into consideration, too. Ash notices how exhausted his Snorlax looks, which confuses Daniel. By the end, he realizes that Snorlax is so much more to him than a science experiment, and he thanks Ash for teaching him how to love Snorlax and understand him. The two ended up winning the Pokeathlon, and embracing in a big hug! You can tell that their relationship bettered because of Ash's advice, and Snorlax and Daniel continued their journey together as friends.


Trainer Red

Snorlax was a major part of Red's party in the Pokemon Adventures manga series. On Route 12, Red encountered Snorlax for the first time during a bike race sponsored by Miracle Cycle (during the chapter Wake Up --- You're Snorlax!). Red was able to wake up Snorlax with some Beedrill honey that he poured on him. Angry, Snorlax chased Red all the way to the finish line of the race. After a tedious battle, Red was finally able to catch him. He named his Snorlax Snor, and continued to use him through out the manga. Like many other Snorlax we have encountered on this site, Snor is very lazy, only responding to food when asleep. Despite its lazy nature, Snor is also a very powerful battler, being used in many of Red's important battles (We see this with Ash's Snorlax as well). He also possesses a great deal of physical strength, being able to even stop the runaway Magnet Train by himself. Overall, we see a lot of similarities between Ash and Red and their Snorlax. However, Red is a more serious trainer when it comes to Snorlax, and therefore is able to do a lot more with Snorlax in the manga series.

We also see Red find a Snorlax in File 3 of the short anime series, Pokemon Origins (Click the File 3 link to see images from this short file). Red plays the PokeFlute to wake up an angry sleep Snorlax, and he captures him. He later uses Snorlax against Giovanni, but is quickly KO'ed by Giovanni's Rhyhorn's Horn Drill.

Battling Snorlax & Red

Below are the main four battles in four different Pokemon games. The information will just give you the level, moves, and sometimes items of Snorlax that you will be battling. For more information on how to win in a battle against Snorlax, check out my battle page!

Gold, Silver, Crystal

Mount Silver

LVL: 75
ITEM: None
MOVE LIST: Amnesia (Psychic), Snore (Normal), Rest (Psychic), Body Slam (Normal)

HeartGold & SoulSilver

LVL: 82
ITEM: None
ABILITY: Thick Fat
MOVE LIST: Shadow Ball (Ghost), Crunch (Dark), Blizzard (Ice), Giga Impact (Normal)

Mount Silver

Black 2 & White 2

World Tournament

LVL: 50
GENDER: Male/Female
ITEM: Quick Claw
ABILITY: Thick Fat or Immunity
MOVE LIST: Body Slam (Normal), Earthquake (Ground), Crunch (Dark), Giga Seed Bomb (Grass)

Sun & Moon

LVL: 65
ITEM: None
ABILITY: Thick Fat
MOVE LIST: Crunch (Dark), Heavy Slam (Steel), High Horsepower (Ground), Body Slam (Normal)

Battle Tree

b a c k   .   c l e a r   .   f o r w a r d