Before you look at this page, it might be helpful to look at his stats page, which gives you base stats and effectiveness. After you have summed that up, this page will give you some helpful tips on how to catch or battle a Snorlax, and how to use your Snorlax to it's fullest potential.


As you have seen from Snorlax's stats, Snorlax is a tough Normal Type Pokemon, that really doesn't have many weaknesses. The best Pokemon Type to fight against Snorlax is the Fighting Type. Due to Snorlax's massive HP and Sp. Defense, it is difficult to defeat it using Special Moves alone (unless there's a high firepower Fighting Type Pokemon that uses a strong STAB move.) If your Pokemon can switch-in safely and is able to outrun Snorlax with Speed, it will gain an upper hand with a strong Physical Fighting Type STAB. Apart from Fighting Types (just in case you don't have one in your team), durable Steel and Rock Type Pokemon, which have buffing moves, are also recommended. In addition, if you have a Ghost Type, it will be immune to Snorlax's strong STAB Facade. Let's use an example battle from Pokemon's newest game, Pokemon Sun/Moon:

Professor Kukui

In the final obstacle before you can become the Champion, you will be fighting Professor Kukui's Snorlax. This Snorlax will be on level 56, and know the following moves: Body Slam, Crunch, Heavy Slam, and High Horsepower. From the new Pokemon in this game, what Fighting Type Pokemon should we use to battle Professor Kukui and his Snorlax?

Fighting Type Options

We will only be looking at the four new Fighting Type Pokemon that were introduced in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. After comparing them, and looking at a Twitter Poll I produced, we will decide who are best bet is against Kukui's Snorlax.
Crabominable (Fighting/Ice Type), evolves from Crabrawler, so you already know its aching for a fight. Its low Special Attack means it can't take full advantage of its Ice Type, but its Fighting Type moves can certainly punch holes in enemies (thanks to its high Attack stat), especially if your Crabominable happens to have the Iron Fist ability, which powers up punches by 20%.
Bewear (Normal/Fighting Type), Alola's natives aren't messing around when they tell you to beware of Bewear. This deceptively cuddly bear can withstand a lot of punishment thanks to its high HP. It can also deliver a painful retaliation thanks to its high Attack. However, it's base Special Defense isn't great, but getting its HP down to zero before it can strike back is no easy trick.
Kommo-o (Dragon/Fighting Type), This regal island dragon has very solid stats all-around. The only downfall is that its base HP is a bit on the low side. Its inherent abilities – Bulletproof, Soundproof, and Overcoat – also help protect it against status changes and/or instant death attacks.
Passimian (Fighting Type), this primate is great with it's Close Combat fighting attack, making him a tough Pokemon to fight against. This special attack his 120 power with 100 percent accuracy. Although it's Speed is slightly lowered, this Pokemon will still be a tough battle.

Thanks to all of my Twitter friends for participating in this poll I put up about who the strongest Fighting Type would be from the above four. Unfortunately, Passimian didn't receive any votes at all. Kommo-o and Crabominable came in a tie for second place. The wining vote went to our unstoppable bear, Bewear. So, there you have it! The vote is in to use Bewear against Kukui's Snorlax. Kick some butt with those Fighting Type moves.


If you are looking to catch yourself a wild Snorlax, especially from the earlier games where you use the Poke Flute to awaken him, here is a small list of guidelines in order to do so.
➾ Before you battle the wild Snorlax, make sure you are stocked up with Great Balls (or if you have found any Ultra Balls, use those too).
➾ If you want to use a Great Ball to catch Snorlax, it's optimum HP must be below half, and if you want to use an Ultra Ball, you'll need it's HP to be at least below 1/3rd of it's normal HP.
➾ The best way to catch Snorlax is to play around with him, using any type besides Fighting, (probably because your Fighting Type may be able to KO him in one hit, depending on your level), and then wait until he finally uses Rest.
➾ After he is asleep and re-heals, quickly get him into the required HP level stated above, depending on what type of Poke Ball you choose to use. (Snorlax will awaken in two moves after he uses Rest, so go quickly!)
➾ At the required ranges, your chance for catching Snorlax are at it's highest rate: ~24.88 with a Great Ball (average of four tries) and ~33.11% with an Ultra Ball (average of three tries). There is no way to get these chances higher, short of using a Master Ball, but you most likely don't have one at this point in time.
➾ Hopefully luck is on your side, and you caught yourself a Snorlax of your own!


Snorlax in generally has high HP, Sp. Defense, and Attack stats. These high stats allow Snorlax to shield from almost all Special Attacks launched by the opponent. The only hindrance is its slow base 30 Speed and 65 base Defense. Regardless of the ability chosen, Snorlax will still function as a formidable shield against Specially oriented threats. The difference, however, is that Thick Fat allows it to function even better against Fire and Ice Type moves. However, once Snorlax has received quite a number of damage to it's HP, it doesn’t learn the move Recover. This means that to replenish its HP, it must use Rest, or you must use some type of Potion to heal it yourself. The downside to the move Rest is that it makes Snorlax vulnerable to attacks while asleep. Therefore, unless you have moves that Snorlax can use while sleeping, I would recommend just healing Snorlax yourself.

If you can save before you catch your Snorlax, and are willing to keep turning on and off the game to require the following, you should. This is only if you are looking for perfect IV's for Snorlax. The best nature to have is Adamant, and the best characteristics are: "Nods off a lot," "Likes to thrash about," and "Loves to eat." With these great characteristics, you will need a great move set. Below are the top three move sets for your Snorlax that will make him an awesome partner in the battle field. Feel free to check out Snorlax's learn set as well to form your own move set.

Move Set 1

Double-Edge: Normal Type
Rest: Psychic Type
Sleep Talk: Normal Type
Crunch: Dark Type


Here, all damage-inflicting moves use the attack stat. Snorlax can restore its HP at regular intervals and be woken immediately using a Chesto Berry. If not, it is able to attack whilst asleep.

Move Set 2

Curse: Ghost Type
Crunch: Dark Type
Double-Edge: Normal Type
Rest: Psychic Type


Curse sharply increases attack and defense at the cost of speed, but this isn't too big a loss for Snorlax. The extra power added to Crunch and Double-Edge has the potential to make Snorlax a lethal enemy. Rest can only be used once here so long as you're holding a Chesto Berry, otherwise you face a severe risk of losing the battle. The aim of this moveset is to destroy the foe as quickly as possible, whilst it also supplies a back-up plan if this doesn't work.

Move Set 3

Double-Edge: Normal Type
Zen Headbutt: Psychic Type
Earthquake: Ground Type
Self-Destruct: Normal Type


This is a moveset that should be used when you are fine with sacrificing your Snorlax in order to pommel your current opponents into the dirt. Earthquake is used here only for the purpose of providing coverage; it can be used to attack multiple enemies at once (best when you're fighting a double battle with your other Pokemon being a Flying Type) and is super-effective against multiple types- Fire, Electric, Steel and Rock (which can make up for the fact that Snorlax has a low Sp. Attack Stat). Self-Destruct should only be used once the Snorlax's HP becomes low so that you can maximise damage before it faints.

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