HP: 160
SP. ATK: 65
SP. DEF: 110
TOTAL: 540
A Base Stat is the unofficial name for the general outline of statistics for a specific Pokemon species. Base stats usually give a general idea of the strengths and weaknesses a specific Pokemon will have. Pokemon often focus on some stats more than others. Base Stats range from 1 - 255 overall, not including the fully-evolved stage.

➾ Snorlax is one of nine Pokemon that has a total of 540 for their overall base stat. The other Pokemon who also have 540 are: Blissey, Darmanitan, Electivire, Gyarados, Haxorus, Kingdra, Magmortar, and Milotic.


To show a comparison on how Snorlax is to other Normal Type Pokemon, here is an overall average of Base Stat for Normal Type Pokemon overall (different from fully evolved):


HP: 76.30
ATTACK: 74.55
DEFENSE: 60.17
SP. ATK: 58.12
SP. DEF: 64.29
SPEED: 71.19
TOTAL: 404.62

Comparative to Snorlax

Based on this, you can see that Snorlax is very high in every category except for Speed. It can only be assumed that Snorlax speed would be less than average due to his large size. Overall, Snorlax is a bad-ass Normal Type. Therefore, if you're looking for a fierce Normal Type, Snorlax is a good choice.


The following effectiveness is based off of normal battle conditions from Generation III onwards. A few things to note that can change the following:
  - If Snorlax is given a Ring Target, the effectiveness of Ghost-Type moves is 1x.
  - If Snorlax has Thick Fat, the effectiveness of Fire-Type and Ice-Type moves is 1/2x.

Damaged Normally by

Normal: 1x             Flying: 1x
Poison: 1x             Ground: 1x
Rock: 1x                 Bug: 1x
Steel: 1x                 Fire: 1x
Water: 1x               Grass: 1x
Electric: 1x           Psychic: 1x
Ice: 1x                 Dragon: 1x
Dark: 1x                 Fairy: 1x


Weak to: Fighting 2x
Immune to: Ghost 0x
Resistant to: None

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