Tohru vs. Kagura

Tohru and Kagura are Kyou's two main "love" compatibilities through out the series. There are many fans out there who support the growth and development of Tohru, and there are many who support Kagura. On this page I write my opinions on why Tohru is the more suitable match for Kyou, and why Kagura isn't really an accurate fit for him. These are all opinions, so don't think that you have to change your mind about who you want Kyou to be with based off of my writings!

- calm and gentle
- doesn't pity, but wants to understand Kyou better
- was able to get close to Kyou because of the mutual and genuine interest
- respects boundaries until they are no longer needed between them
- is interested in what Kyou wants, and mutual respect is given back

I chose these four images to represent Kyou's relationship with Tohru as the series progresses. Tohru never forced herself into Kyou's life, and honestly, there was no reason for them to even communicate. Tohru wasn't a girl in the zodiac, and for a long time up until this point, Kyou was nervous even being around girls - we see this when he makes a comment to Yuki about how unsafe it is going to a co-ed high school. Yet, Kyou decided to stick by Tohru's side from the beginning until the very end. The first image shows Kyou hurt, and Tohru by his side comforting him. Tohru would never force Kyou to stay by her, he willing wanted to be there. Tohru is the first person to actually ask him about how he feels, and listen. She is a good support system for Kyou, lifting him up during his times of pain. We don't see this in any other character, because all other ones have motives behind their relationships with him. Next, we see Kyou with a huge, genuine smile on his face, showing that he is well, happy! Kyou is kind of a simple guy: all he really wants is someone to hold his hand when the times get rough. He is able to find that in Tohru because she doesn't pity him, she simply wants to understand him. This is the huge difference between her and Kagura, but I'll explain that more below! They both begin to realize there is mutual support from each other, growing the bond between them. Kyou begins to calm down his nerves and he learns to listen and care for Tohru because she does the same for him. The two work together to create the relationship they have - making it a real bond between lovers, and not one-sided. In the end, Tohru even asks him if they can finally be together, because she is not quick to assume his feelings for her. She asks him questions until the very end, which shows their good communication skills. Kyou wraps his arms around her in a true embrace, something we've never seen him do with anyone else. Although he wasn't able to hug girls if they weren't possessed by the zodiac, he still has hugged Tohru multiple times through out the series, turning him into a cat. This show he is willing to transform in order to hold her against his flesh, even for a moment in time. Tohru is the main reason why Kyou learns to love himself, and others. Without her in his life, I think Kyou would have fallen to the curse, and been trapped in the cat chambers for the rest of his life, just like Kazuma's grandfather was. Kyou is the main reason why Tohru begins to gain self-confidence and speaks her mind about how she feels. The two both gained from the relationship they had, showing that they both uplifted each other.
- aggressive, then apologetic, then aggressive again
- pitied Kyou, then got close to him
- was able to get close to him because she is a member of the Zodiac
- doesn't respect boundaries or Kyou's feelings
- doesn't ask what Kyou wants, just takes what she wants

Although Kagura and Kyou have a past, it wasn't all sweet. Kagura only approached Kyou when they were little because she pitied Kyou playing all alone. She realized that her life being the Boar wasn't nearly as bad as being the cat, and so she played with him in order to feel better about herself. Although little Kyou didn't realize why she was playing with him, her motives weren't genuine. We see this when she forces him to take off his beads, the only thing keeping his "true form" at bay, releasing the monster. A true friend would never have forced Kyou to do what they wanted, especially when it was only done because she was curious. As they grew up, Kagura kept a selfish attitude towards her relationship with Kyou. I think because she was unable to be touched by a normal male, she clung to Kyou. Literally, clung. She was able to keep him by her side by bullying him, putting him in awkward situations, and crying. She acted like a big baby - sobbing and asking why they can't be together, then attacking him and beating him up, making him feel like a monster in a grocery store in front of other people, and then crying again saying she never meant for any of that to happen. Kagura tried really hard to keep Kyou around because she felt disgusted in herself for using Kyou when she was a child, and wanted to make it up to him. Instead of genuinely wanting to be by Kyou's side and care for how he felt, she stayed to make herself feel like a better person. She thought if she actually began to love Kyou, the bad feelings she had from the past could be erased. This is an example of a one-sided love, because Kyou didn't want her emotions, pity, or love. If I saw Kagura and Kyou walking down the street, I would probably assume that they were in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship. Hitting, screaming, and continuing the rage that they both have is not healthy at all. Kyou needed someone to calm his anger down, not constantly get on his nerves and make him even more angry than he already was. When Kagura started to realize that Tohru was changing Kyou for the better, she decided to force him to go on one last date with her. There, she told him all about what she had done as a child, and how she really truly did love him now. Kyou was more calm than he ever had been, but this wasn't because of Kagura, it was because of Tohru. Tohru showed him that he didn't have to get worked up with emotions to have a conversation. Tohru showed Kyou that he could be calm and express his feelings. So, he did. He calmly tells Kagura that he will never be able to love her back, and he thanks her for playing with him as a child. Because of his change, Kyou hugs Kagura with one arm until she finally stops crying. After that, they both go their separate ways.

I think one important scene to compare and contrast them is right in the beginning when Tohru and Kagura first meet. Tohru tries to compliment Kagura, but she takes it the wrong way, thinking Tohru is competition for her instead.
Tohru: Kagura, I feel... I can understand a little why you love Kyou so much. 'Cause Kyou has many many good traits!
Kagura: The power of my love is capable of over coming any obstacles! Tohru, what do you like about Kyou? I love All of him! LOVE ALL OF HIM! Doesn't matter if its good or bad, I accept all of it! Even when Kyou transforms into his true form... I can accept that too!
Tohru: I'm trying to say that I would like to be like Kagura, to become someone who can find all the good traits of the one I like!
Kagura is trying too hard to shove her feelings for Kyou into Tohru's face. At this point, I think Tohru does have some feelings for Kyou, but it's not as strong as it becomes. Tohru is still kind towards Kagura and even compliments her for trying so hard to get the one she loves. This is because Tohru is too timid at first to tell someone what she wants. I can give Kagura props for trying so hard to get love from Kyou, but there is a point when it becomes needy and clingy, especially when Kyou makes it clear that his feelings are not the same.

Kagura was Kyou's first friend, and she was a really important role for his childhood development, but when it comes down to it -- that is all it was. When you use someone for selfish purposes, you aren't going to gain their full love or trust. Kyou didn't radiate towards Kagura like he did Tohru, simply because she wasn't really concerned about Kyou's feelings. She mostly wanted to make sure she was happy, and would get angry when Kyou didn't do exactly what she wanted. Tohru was calm, collected, and supportive of Kyou. She was able to read his body language and know when something was wrong. He was able to do the same for her, as well. Tohru showed Kyou that love can be real, that people can stay by each others side and truly accept them for who they are, and that it's not complicated to care about someone.

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