After the curse was lifted, Kyou wanted to move away and start a new life. He finally felt like he was able to travel and explore the world as a brand new, and free, person. Kyou states that although he was alive, he didn't really live his life before. Instead of submerging himself into the world, he was avoiding it because he was able to. Kazuma had told him that there was a dojo that he could own and live in if he wanted to. Kyou decides to take him up on that offer, and he tells Tohru in front of her mothers grave the news. He tells her that after graduation, he plans on moving away and finally living a life. He obviously wants Tohru to come with him, and comments out loud on how it is probably a selfish request, but he hopes she will want to come with him. He tells her that he wants to be involved more in the world, with her by his side, and challenge himself to be something more. He thinks that the only way he can do this is if he is somewhere else. Tohru, who is unbelievably loyal and connected to Kyou, agrees to move with him because life without him wouldn't be worth living. Now, I couldn't help but wonder if Kyou was right to do this. I get that the two are now a couple and wanting to start a life together, but I think that it had almost happened way too quickly. When Tohru agreed to move with him, she also agreed to leave her best friends and the rest of the Sohma family behind. I can't help but wonder if this move showed that they all no longer needed Tohru. This goes back to my caretaker page on how other characters didn't really humanize Tohru. When they finally had the curse lifted and could move on, Tohru was taken away. I know they all felt sad that they wouldn't see Tohru much after that, but I kind of felt like some of the characters like Momiji, Kisa, and even Yuki should have put up a bigger fight. Maybe they had felt like they couldn't because they wanted Tohru to have her turn at finding happiness like she had helped them find.... I am not sure. I also do understand that when you love someone, you both make mutual sacrifices through out the relationship. I just felt like it was really out of character for Tohru to be okay with leaving all of her friends that she had made just for one person. I also felt like Kyou was out of place asking for that, especially so soon after everything had happened. I like that in the end, they found happiness within each other, but I don't agree with them moving that far away.

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