Below are some of the different styles that Kyou rocks during the manga version of Fruits Basket. The first one is his most frequent "every-day-outfit," and it's the first thing we see him in. The second one is his high school uniform that every male character wears who goes to school. Then, the last two are other outfits he wears casually. As you can see, Kyou often wears T-shirts and pants. He prefers comfort over style, which is understandable when looking at his personality. He kind of has that "bad-boy" look to him, which I personally enjoy.

Now, to get more specific on his appearance: I began to notice that on the back of many of his T-shirts, an arrowhead cross was present. I decided to look up the meaning behind this type of cross. It seems that when a cross ends with arrows, it can symbolize friendship. It is also thought that if there are four arrows coming together, pointing in all four cardinal directions (NSEW), like the one on his shirt, can represent the the future. In religious terms, this cross is known as a Barbee Cross. The ends can either be 'V' shaped, or triangular. Another English word for 'barb' is 'hook,' and true to the rebus nature of heraldry, this cross is named after its shape. As a cross, the barbs are fish-hooks (or fishing spears), and suggests the bible phrase "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." The missionary's task is to spread the Christian message to the four corners of the world. I think that Kyou wore shirts with this type of symbol on it to represent his growth in all directions. He was gaining friendships, began to care about his future, and was spreading a message for everyone around him.

Natsuki Takaya, the author of the manga series, commented in her Special Addition Random Talk 2, on both Kyou and Yuki's physical appearance. She said that most people who practice martial arts have a strong body, but because she doesn't enjoy drawing muscles, she kept them both tall and skinny. She also mentions that she prefers guys that are very skinny and look like them. It is important to note that as Kyou ages, he does get taller and a bit more bulky. You can easily notice this if you compare his height next to Tohru throughout the series.

Just as a simple comparison, the above three images are Kyou from the anime version. Here we can clearly see his hair, eye, and skin color. He has vibrant orange hair and brownish-red eyes. Like the manga, Kyou is always seen in casual clothing. He doesn't ever wear shirts with symbols on it like in the manga, however. He usually wears plain colored clothing or his school uniform. I didn't notice the aging process in the anime at all, like I stated above happened in the manga. However, I think because the anime ends way sooner than the manga, we don't have much time to watch Kyou grow completely. Originally I liked Kyous art better in the anime, but eventually I grew to appreciate his appearance more in the manga version. I think its because you can clearly see Kyou's mental and emotional growth in his appearance in the manga, whereas the anime keeps him pretty much the same the whole time.
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