In the essay pages I will get into more specifics on Kyou's personality growth, but I figured I would give an overall opinion on Kyou's personality here on one specific page. Kyou believed that he would never be able to be a people person, but many others disagreed with that. Yuki was even one of the first people to acknowledge that he wished he could fit in so easily like Kyou does. Kyou just had a lot of self-hate built up from his childhood that he was unable to see the great characteristics he, and only he, had possessed. There is a quote that states, "One can only love someone else when they learn to love themselves," and this is very true when it comes to Kyou. Although Tohru did allow Kyou to see that he was a lovable person, he wasn't able to love her until he found out how special he was in his own eyes. Kyou's biggest personality flaw was a lack of self-confidence. He pitied himself instead of attempting to make himself grow. The few attempts he had were faulty because he wasn't doing them for the right reasons (Like training to defeat Yuki, only because he made himself believe he had to hate Yuki).

Personality wise, Kyou would be a really challenging person to date through out the story (at least for me as a Sagittarius). His emotions are all over the place. One day he is happy and shows some sign of confidence, and the next day he is self-hating and miserable towards everyone. I think that it takes a special person to stick around from the very beginning, even when they are constantly being yelled at and put down (like when Kyou tells Tohru her cooking sucks, or he yells at her for annoying him). It's borderline abusive behavior, but Tohru understands that he needs someone to be there for him anyways. However, once he starts to calm down and grow through his self-acceptance, he becomes much more pleasant. I like that there is a huge character growth for Kyou, because it shows that we choose to be the way we are, negative and mean, but if we want to be better for not only others, but most importantly ourselves, we can be.

I think characters who don't really change at all in a series are usually pretty boring. I want to see characters who go through real-life problems and internal struggles, and I love to see them deal with them. This makes it easier to relate to the characters in a storyline. Kyou being angry is something that I can relate to. I feel like as a child I had a lot of anger built up when my parents got a divorce, and I didn't deal with it in a healthy way for a long time. However, when I learned how to cope with my feelings and became calmer, my life changed drastically for the better. So, I think that is a big reason why I love Kyou's character and relate to him. (I was not nearly as angry as he was, but he had a lot of reasons to hate other people)
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