sango the demon slayer

From a very young age, Sango inherited the little fury cat demon, Kirara, from her father. Kirara was passed down for three generations in her family before she finally ended up with Sango. Kirara and Sango began training side by side at a very young age. Sango, with the aid of Kirara defeated a demon Bear at the age of 10 years old. Her strength was outstanding in her village, and that gained the respect and love from her new little demon friend. When Sango's village was attacked, and everyone was murdered, she made a promise to avenge her family and find her brother. Kirara stayed by her through out her journey, and helped her fight away the monsters.

Kirara is always seen near Sango, whether Sango is riding on Kirara in her demonic form, or just sitting on Sango's shoulders/in her arms, they are side by side. Sango often worries about Kirara during battle, and gets nervous whenever Kirara is hurt. Eventually, Kirara runs away from the group to spend some time alone. She has flash backs of her days with Sango and Kohaku in the village, which were all very pleasant and cute. Sango becomes frustrated and is sick of waiting for Kirara's return, despite what her friends say. She runs off to go look for her little friend. As Sango looks for Kirara, she can't help but to think that she hasn't treated Kirara good enough and that that may be the reason Kirara left. When Sango finally reunites with Kirara, she is relieved and promises herself that she will treat Kirara better, even if her main goal is to find her brother, Kohaku.

The following information is based off of the InuYasha Movie: Love that Transcends Time - Kirara begins to act very bizarre from the start of the film, running off into the forest away from everyone else. Sango and Miroku run after her, worried. They run into two young beautiful ladies, with Kirara. Kirara is different though, she has a jewel attached to her head. Kirara stands by and watches as the two females attack Sango and Miroku. Kirara is unresponsive to Sango's cries or needs. The two girls leave with Kirara.

Miroku and Sango take coverage for the night from these evil moths that are in the sky, but decide they need to go and save Kirara from the spell she is under. Miroku's Raccoon friend takes them to the giant tree. Once they arrive, there is already a lot of drama going on. Kirara starts to attack Sango at full blow while Miroku takes on one of the ladies. Sango fights back minimally, just enough to make sure she doesn't die. After a long and tiresome fight, Sango decides that she needs to give up. She doesn't want to fight Kirara anymore, because she loves her. Fighting her in the first place was hard enough, and she knows that she would never be able to kill her beloved friend. Sango puts her weapon down and lets Kirara slam into her, hurting Sango badly. Kirara starts to cry out in agony seeing Sango give up that easily. Kirara freaks out and starts slamming her head back and forward against huge rocks, attempting to break the jewel on her head. After a few tries, and Sango screaming for Kirara, the jewel breaks. Kirara falls to the ground in pain, and Sango rushes over to her, holding her tightly. Once Kirara snaps out of the dark magic put upon her, she gets back up and cuts the demon girl in half for what she did to her dear friend. Kirara is clearly in pain, but gets up shortly to help out the gang fight the rest of the darkness. Sango rides on Kirara once again to continue on the battle. Many people think that when Sango was about to give up her life instead of kill Kirara, that showed weakness. However, I think it showed that she couldn't hurt her friend, even if Kirara is a demon cat. Sango has killed many demons in her life, but nothing to her is worth losing Kirara. This movie really showed the bond and feelings the two have for each other. Even the dark spell put on Kirara's forehead could only last for so long before Kirara had enough mind power to force it off of her. Sango put Kirara's well-being first, and was not willing to let a demon witch force her any longer to fight Kirara.

kohaku the demon slayer

Kohaku used to spend all of his days hanging out with his older sister, Sango, and Kirara at the Demon Slayer Village. Kohaku had a special bond with Kirara, just as his sister did. The three would often play in a field of flowers together. They would all lay out, laugh, run around, amuse themselves for hours together. Kirara would always help Sango out protecting her little brother from demons, like a huge Bear demon. When the village was attacked, and Kohaku was gone, Kirara agreed to stay by Sango to avenge all of them, including Kohaku.

One day, Kirara takes a personal day on her own, because she wants to go back to the village and search for things on her own. Kirara reminisces the times she shared with Kohaku, but then is interrupted by a group of angry villagers. Kohaku comes and saves the day, slashing them up. Kirara and Kohaku go off and have a victory dinner together. They play in a hidden field of flowers together, and enjoy their time together. Kohaku tells Kirara his plan to defeat Naraku and avenge his family before he can confront Sango and the others. Kohaku trusts Kirara and tells him his feelings and sorrows. However, Kohaku can hear Sango screaming for him and he hides because he doesn't want to be seen.

After Sango settles down with Miroku once the series is over, Kirara is handed down to Kohaku to continue his journey as a Demon Slayer. They become partners and fight together to protect the world and its people from the demons.

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