In the Kingdom Hearts Series, Marluxia is never given a person to match up with as his somebody. The rule of the Organization is that they place an "x" in your name to become a Nobody. Marluxia with out an "x" can be one of many names, but I decided to go with the name Lumaria. Seeing as how Marluxia is regarded with plants and flowers, I thought a name that was based off of a plant might suit his somebody well. A Lumaria is a type of a Hawthorn plant. It is also said that a somebodies name reflects the nobodies hidden powers. Therefore, if that is all true, Lumaria would make a lot of sense. Even though Lumaria is a female name, it would fit Marluxia well because he was originally suppose to be a girl. They did not change his name or his symbols at all, just his appearance to be more manly. It is the only name that makes a lot of sense when taking out the X in his name.

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