The following are all of the lines that Marluxia says during the scripts and cut scenes of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. To find the battle quotes, please scroll down to the very bottom. If you have not yet played the game, these may be spoilers. Please be aware.

DAY 09

Marluxia: Well, there you have it. Welcome to the fold, Roxas. We'll set out once you're ready.
Marluxia: Roxas, was it? I never properly introduced myself. I am Marluxia, Number XI.
Marluxia: Today, your job is to collect hearts.
Marluxia: Roxas, could you summon your Keyblade for me?
Marluxia: Lucky Number XIII... At last, a chosen wielder of the Keyblade amongst our ranks.
Marluxia: Hmph. Nothing to be feared. So, Roxas, shall we put that power of yours to a little test? Use your Keyblade...and defeat those Heartless.
Marluxia: Good. Those Heartless are called Shadows.
Marluxia: Dark creatures who roam about, searching for hearts. They come in two larger varieties. The ones you just defeated are known as Purebloods. Purebloods don't release any hearts when you defeat them. In other words, don't bother with them. Your mission is to collect hearts, after all. The other variety--
Marluxia: Hmph... Is right over there. Forget about the Shadows. Take these out, Roxas. They are your real targets.
Marluxia: Those were what we call Emblem Heartless.
Marluxia: Did you notice? Hearts appeared when you defeated them.
Marluxia: Your job is to collect those hearts.
Marluxia: None. So long as the Heartless are felled by your weapon, the Keyblade, the hearts will be captured.
Marluxia: They will gather as one, and create an almighty force known as Kingdom Hearts.
Marluxia: Completing Kingdom Hearts is the Organization's primary objective. And to do that, we need all the hearts we can possibly find.
Marluxia: Actually, you are the first of us to accomplish it.
Marluxia: The rest of us can defeat Heartless, but we have no way of collecting the hearts they release. Eventually, the hearts will turn right back into Heartless. You see, then, how special you are?
Marluxia: With power like yours--
Marluxia: Heh. Here come more of them. Each one is a gift, Roxas. Squeeze every last heart out of them!
Marluxia: Excellent, Roxas. Your work today is done. I am amazed.
Marluxia: That Keyblade... The things that could be done with that sort of power...
Marluxia: I have high hopes for you, Roxas--as do we all. Defeat the Heartless, and help the Organization reach our noble goal.
Marluxia: Shall we RTC, then?

DAY 10

Marluxia: The Keyblade wielder's power... How fascinating.

DAY 14

Marluxia: Your task is clear. Strike down the Heartless and collect hearts.

DAY 15

Marluxia: If only we'd met sooner, Roxas... You would have made a fine addition.

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