The following fanart was either created by me or donated to Shatter Me by many talented artists. Please do not take any of these images off of this site without contacting the original owners. Below each image is a small description of the fanart and who created it. Thank you to everyone who donated! If you are interested in sending in some of your own fanart to Shatter Me, please feel free to email them to me. Make sure that you have created them on your own, or had permission to display them on this site. Thanks, and enjoy!

DESCRIPTION: Once day I was really bored at my internship, so I decided to start doodling. I looked at a manga picture of Kagura and began to draw away. I had a lot of fun creating a small drawing of her. It's not amazing, but I felt like I could share it on my site! She's a beautiful character, and my picture doesn't really do her justice. But, I hope you guys enjoy it!

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