Some of the following information is based off of Kagura's "official" profile and other books from InuYasha, while the rest I have gathered from watching the series. Some information may be based off of the manga version as well if stated other wise.

NAME: Kagura
SPECIES: Wind Demon
HEIGHT: 160 cm (5'3")
ABILITIES: Wind Manipulation
MANGA DEBUT: Chapter 141
ANIME DEBUT: Episode 39
FATHER: Naraku

- in the name - meaning and personality traits of the name
- voice actress - behind the voice of Kagura
- appearance - looks, anime vs. manga appearance
- weapon - to defend and attack
- powers - the powers and abilities she has
- attacks - defeating enemies, and information from games
- wind - symbolism and meanings
- the dancer - symbolism, personality traits
- without a heart - when someone else possesses your life
- freedom - how to obtain freedom from abusive relationships
- spider - symbolism of her scar
- comparisons - naraku's hold on kagura vs kikyou
- family ties - Kagura's relationship with Naraku and Kanna
- sesshomaru - the one that makes her heart flutter

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