Kagura is seen using a traditional dance fan to attack through out the series. She uses the fan both offensively and defensively, although her fighting style and powers are used more from the up-front battling style. Her fan in particular is used to help her summon her wind powers and attack her opponents with intense wind storms. Her fan is white with two red stripes going through the bottom. She often holds her fan over her face before she attacks, allowing her opponent to prepare themselves.

To look more in-depth, I decided to look up some information on these fans through out Japanese history to see the significance it has on Kagura's character. There are two main types of Japanese Traditional fans: Odori, originating in the Edo period, and Mai, from Western Japan. When looking up the fans, I decided that I think Kagura's weapon originated from one of the Odori fans called the Bon Odori. The reason I believe this to be true is because this fan was used to welcome the spirits of the dead, and Kagura has an attack when she uses the dead to her advantage. The dances and songs for this fan alter depending on the region of Japan, so it isn't clear how they move. The only thing said was that they either move clockwise or counter-clockwise as they move, never in any other direction.

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