Aerokinesis - Kagura has the ability to control the wind from a short and long range, making her skill with wind very versatile. Any long-ranged or airborne attacks are basically ineffective when fighting against Kagura because she can control the wind that goes around it and back-fire the attack to the opponent that sent it. Because she controls the wind, her attacks are swift, accurate, and deadly. However, one barrier that Kagura is unable to attack through or penetrate is Hakudoshi's, as seen in the series.

Enhanced Durability and Endurance - Kagura is a very durable character because even when she is extremely injured through out the series, she is able to release counter attacks and fight on, or at least keep fighting until she is able to flee. We see an example of this when Naraku pierces through her body with his tentacles filled with poisonous miasma, and she still is able to launch wind at him, although it was deflected away. She held in her life and even walked flew a considerable distance and walked until the very last moment when she realized her physical body is holding her back because she is the wind.

Plume - Kagura uses a feather ornament that is in her hair to create an enlarged feather that she is able to ride on through the sky. She manipulates the wind to carry her and the feather in the air and out of danger. She is able to create this plume whenever she pleases, even if there is no "wind" in the air because she manipulates the wind whenever she wants to. This is her main form of transportation because she doesn't have the ability to transport through teleportation like Kanna and Naraku do. When Kagura becomes unconscious, the feather shrinks back down and becomes small again, which is seen when Goryomaru knocks her out from being wounded and she falls into a river.

Reanimation - Kagura has the ability to bring people and things back from the dead by controlling their bodies to her liking. Although they are simply just puppets that follow her commands, they are once again moving. Although they aren't actually fully resurrected, she makes it seem like they are by giving them a "gust of life" that flows into the body until she no longer has use for them or they are destroyed by the enemy.

Regeneration - When Naraku took her heart out of her body, her body simply became a shell. She is able to regenerate her injured body to a degree, not as much s Naraku can, but she is still able to heal herself. We see this best when she was able to heal her body from a non-fatal blow from InuYasha's Wind Scar. Another example of this is when Goryomaru used a laser shot on her, puncturing a large hole all the way through her body. She can still heal herself with her heart in her body, but it doesn't move fast enough to save her from the strongest miasma that Naraku had put into her body in order to kill her.

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