This may be a little bit of a stretch in my own imagination, but I couldn't help but feel like there was a reason that Kagura looks the way she does. Naraku created her with his own flesh, and therefore he had the ability to make her look anyway he really wanted. I couldn't help but compare her style of clothing to against her elder siblings, Kanna's. It made me realize how elegant Kagura is versus Kanna's simple white dress. Kagura is tall and beautiful, wearing a kimono and makeup. Her hair is up and nice with feathers, and elegant green earrings. Her style seemed a lot more womanly than that of her sisters, making me curious as to whether or not this could have tied in with his past emotions of women. This kind of reminded me of Kikyou. Obviously they don't look identical by any means, but I couldn't help but wonder if the desires of controlling and having a beautiful woman that Onigumo had for Kikyou came through with Naraku and Kagura. Kikyou took care of Onigumo, the human form of Naraku, even though he was burnt and ugly. He became very lustful towards her, craving to be by her side. However, he couldn't win her heart so he allowed demons to take over his body so he could move again in order to get the love he desired. When he heard word of InuYasha and Kikyou, he couldn't stand to have emotions anymore. Although he didn't physically have a hold of Kikyou's heart, he used her own heart and desires to destroy her. This is the concept of "if I can't have you, nobody can." With Kagura, he finally has complete control over a woman by physically having her heart. There is no way that Kagura could escape from him, even though he knows her true desire is to be free from his grasp. It's almost like a sick fantasy that Naraku still has of possessing a female. Although there is no sexual tensions of feelings between Kagura and Naraku, it could be more psychological. In his mind, he has finally won someone by force. It's almost like he is reliving his past mistake with Kikyou, except altering it so he can't lose this time. Not only is she forced to be by his side for her whole existence, but she is also obedient to his commands and orders. It's like he has a superiority complex over women in an abusive way. However, in the end Kagura gets set free, but Naraku is the one to stab her through the heart and kill her. It's a twisted story of possession and lust.

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