Kagura becomes obsessed with the idea of killing Naraku in order to obtain her one true wish, freedom. Because she is bound to her loyalty and services with Naraku, defilement would lead to a certainty of death. I felt like it might be a nice addition to this site to explain the importance, as well as some tips, on how to get away from abusive relationships when you feel like your freedom and self are begin suppressed by others. For starters, lets talk about things that Kagura did right in her situation. Yes, I know she literally couldn't get away because of Naraku holding her physical heart, but she did some things that could obtain to real life situations in the right way.
1. Kagura reached out for help from people she thought could help her. By asking for assistance from Sesshomaru, she told someone that she had a problem and needed help.
2. When she had a chance to escape from the castle, she fled. It is important to realize that if you have the opportunity to get away, you should. It's not okay to stay put just because you're afraid of the aftermath. Flee and get help.
3. She dropped hints to InuYasha, as well as Kohaku, on how to defeat Naraku for her. This could have gone smoother if she just openly told them what was going on, but in her situation hints were all that she could really give away.
Now, why are people abusive? Studies show that abusers are morbidly insecure (cough Naraku), with little sense of their own value. Because of this, they try to gain value and feel better about themselves by putting loved ones down. The fear that feeds that insecurity has two fronts: fear of not being lovable, and fear of appearing weak. The paradox here is that the abuser is, in fact, weak, which is why s/he abuses -- to maintain a sense of control -- in the first place. The perceived inconsistency on the part of the abuser by the victim is that the victim is not submitting to the abuser's domination. Not all relationships are physically abusive, but also mentally abusive as well. Both are serious issues that men and women can both face in relationships, not just females. Remember, we all need to learn responsibility in taking care of ourselves. We need to remember that we ARE important and we DO have meaning. We as a world need to remember that someone out there loves us and will be hurt to hear we are hurting. Below are some tips on how to show yourself and the world that you are strong enough to leave and love yourself:
Step 1: Recognize Abuse. Asses the type of emotions you are feeling. Realize that abuse is not your fault, and that it's okay to feel scared or need help. Document all things you remember of when it started, what happened, what was said or done to you as well. This will help in the future if legal actions are needed in order to help get a restraining order or other legal actions.
Step 2: Get Help. If you don't feel comfortable communicating with a friend or family member, look up local resources to help victims of abuse via phone or face-to-face. This is a good start, where you can talk with your name or anonymous to at least get advice and reassurance for your situation. (US National Domestic Violence Hotline # 1-800-799-7233, UK Women's Aid # 0808-2000-247, Australia # 1800-737-732) It is important to have a list of contacts with people you feel safe around and their phone numbers as well. With these people, establish a safety word that you can text them if you need someone to come for you in bad situations.
Step 3: End the Relationship. Do this as soon as possible! There is no reason to put yourself in self harm or danger any longer than you have to be. People recommend leaving when the abuser is not at home or won't realize you have left. They also recommend not leaving a note as to why you left, and also leaving your cell phone so that they can't harass you and make you feel bad for leaving. You can worry about the details of getting a new phone later. Once safe, change all of your passwords and locks if you need to. Block the abuser on all social media, phones, or other things so they can't reach you.
Step 4: Slowly Move On. Abuse is not something that anyone should have to go through. It'll take awhile for you to mentally be okay again. Surround yourself with family, friends, and people who love you. If needed, go to therapy or attend group sessions where you can talk about what happened. Don't rush yourself into a new relationship. Take time to learn about yourself and love you for who you are. Busy yourself with your own passions and create new hobbies. Most importantly, DO NOT GIVE YOUR ABUSER ANOTHER CHANCE!
I know this was kind of a random thing to add to my site, but I think it's important to let people know that they can be free if they want to be. People should always reach out and get the help they need and deserve. It's never okay to feel alone, so don't! Learn about yourself and love yourself before you put yourself in a situation with another person emotionally like that. People are complicated, and so are you! And that's 100% okay.

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