Kagura is seen attacking enemies and the InuYasha gang through out the anime, manga, and video game series of InuYasha. Below are a list of her attacks, as well as a description. The stats are from the video game InuYasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale.

DANCE OF BLADES, Fujin no mai
Button: Square
Damage: Depends on attacked character
Requirement: None
Description: Kagura raises her fan above her head and swipes it downwards, unleashing a "blade" of wind at the opponent. In the video games, the wind is shaped like a circle and it travels at a moderate pace, causing a decent amount of damage for her attacks. It can also be performed while Kagura is jumping up in the air to allow her to attack from above. This is Kagura's most common attack because it can pierce through pretty much everything that she attacks.

DANCE OF THE DEAD, Shikabane mai
Button: Left directional button + square
Damage: Kagura uses a dead Samurai puppet to attack enemy in the game
Requirement: None
Description: Kagura makes a Samurai appear and commands him to quickly slash her opponents. If you are close to Kagura in the game, it will miss and she will be left vulnerable to attacks because she is laughing while the move is being performed. In the series, Kagura is able to command all types of corpses as her puppet to either attack or distract her enemy. Because her puppets are already dead, she uses them as invincible shields, or can use them to buy a lot of time. The only way to destroy them is to slice them into tons of pieces, or burn their bodies. If you distract or cause Kagura to flee, the bodies will foam at the mouth and collapse, becoming dead bones once again.

KANNA, attack only in the video game
Button: Down directional button + square
Damage: Depends, but usually does a lot of damage.
Requirement: None
Description: During the video game, Kagura can summon Kanna to come and help aid her in battle. She will lift up her mirror and attack the enemy that is attacking Kagura. A light shoots out of Kanna's mirror and does a decent amount of damage to the opponent. This attack makes the opponent drop their jewel shards, so you can quickly pick them up. However, if the opponent is standing to close, the attack will miss. Kagura is also laughing during this attack, leaving her vulnerable if the attack misses for a few seconds.

Button: Right + Right + Square
Damage: Super Special Attack
Requirement: You can only use this attack once
Description: During the video game, Kagura draws a circle in front of her with her fan, creating a cyclone. The whole screen becomes engulfed by the cyclone as it travels across. The attack goes by very slow, so it is easily avoidable. During the series, Kagura uses this attack to pick up and throw her enemies around in her tornados. The wind is so strong that it can often rip her opponents to shreds. This is Kagura's strongest attack, being a little bit weaker than Inuyasha's Kaze no Kizu attack in the series. In the game and the manga, this attack is just called Dragon Dance.

WIND GUST, Kaze toppu
Button: N/A
Damage: N/A
Requirement: N/A
Description: This attack is only seen in the anime and manga series of InuYasha, not the games. It is a simple attack done by Kagura where she waves her fan in the air rapidly and unleashes a strong gust of wind that will blow her enemies away from her. This attack is good for defensive purposes or to attack quickly.

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