Kagura wears her hair up in a bun on the top of her head in both the anime and the manga version of InuYasha. She also wears a feather in her bun that she takes out and uses as a plume to float on in the sky. When she is done with it, it shrinks back down and she puts it back in her hair. Her outfit is the same as well. In the anime you can see the colors obviously more than you'll see Kagura's colors in the manga. She has a red and purpleish-blue kimono on with different patterns on each side. She has a yellow bow around her waist as well. Most of the time her kimono is just white with red strips going through it, but you can see that underneath she has the other kimono on. I think she changes it through out the series at different times. Kagura is normally barefoot as she walks, which must mean she has pretty strong feet to not get injured walking around without shoes on. However, she is a demon so it would make sense because InuYasha also walks around without footwear. Finally, she wears green-pearled earrings. In one of the episodes, one of them gets ripped off and she doesn't have it back for awhile.

Personally, I think that Kagura looks more feminine in the manga version. Her face looks softer, her hair is neater, and she seems to be wearing gentler makeup than in the anime version. This might just be the differences in drawing styles between the manga production and the anime production, but I felt like I should point it out.

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