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Welcome to Shatter Me, a tribute to the character Kagura from the manga, anime, and games series InuYasha. This shrine is brought to you by Megan. The navigation is self explanatory and found to the upper right. Information will lead you to information on will lead you to all of Kagura's profile and basic information, such as voice actors, name meaning, and random facts about her. It will also lead you to some essay sections, relationships, and other random tidbits of information. Multimedia will include some avatars and other little Kagura goodies. This will also include a gallery of Kagura images from the anime series during some important Kagura related episodes. Website will lead you to site information and links. Finally, clear will bring you right back here. Thanks to everyone who supported me and encouraged me to get this site up! There are many unmarked SPOILERS on this shrine. If you aren't looking to be spoiled, please be cautious of what pages you read. Please enjoy your stay~

MEGAN x August 2015

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