All information is based off of the manga version of Galaxy Angel. All of the information describes the different planets and things around the universe that the Galaxy Angel Troupe investigates in. The following will also describe groups and concepts of Galaxy Angel as well. Below is an image of each thing, and an official description.

Name The "White Moon" and Lost Technology
The Lost Technology is an integral part of the Galaxy Angel (GA) universe. Long before our story took place, human technology reached its apex. They had created a super-civilization called Eden that spread across the galaxy. However, about six hundred years ago, a mysterious and destructive disaster called the Chrono Quake occurred. As a result, humanity lost their methods of interplanetary transportation and communication. Without them, it became almost impossible for the hundreds of planets to survive on their own. The super civilization Eden crumbled. The human race would then enter two hundred years of the Dark Ages, where technology began to degenerate.

Planet Transbaal, the main setting for the story of G.A., was not an exception. However, about four hundred years ago, a man-made heavenly sphere called the White Moon suddenly appeared over the skies of Transbaal. And, the resident of the White Moon, the Moon Goddess Shatoyan began to give heavenly gifts of the Lost Technology to the people of Transbaal. With this, humanity began to expand into the galaxy once again. Three hundred years ago, in The Gift Age, they've reached the period of interplanetary travel. An interplanetary government was formed under the Transbaal Kingdom, and by the time our story takes place, they succeeded in controlling 128 planetary systems under their authority.

Name: The Angel Troupe
The Angel Troupe consists of five girls - Milfelle, Ranpha, Mint, Forte, and Vanilla. They are among the Special Guardian Division whose main role is to protect and guard the Moon Goddess Shatoyan. The Moon Goddess is revered as a deity by her followers as a result of her salvation of human civilization. For six hundred years, people have been devout in their worship of her. The current female resident of the White Moon is considered by all to be the Moon Goddess, although it is not known whether she is the same as the one who arrived six hundred years ago.

Five girls, called "Angels," were given the Emblem Frames to serve as special guards for the Moon Goddess. These Emblem Frames are composed of Lost Technology parts, and they fly throughout the galaxy under Shatoyan's exclusive authority. They work closely with the Imperial Special Guards and the Satellite Defense Teams to protect the White Moon and Shatoyan. To call their duties "protection" is actually a bit of an exaggeration, given their usually peaceful world. In reality, the Angel Troupe's "active duty" is anything but. Despite this, their strengths are recognized as the greatest in the galaxy, and each Emblem Frame has the power of a huge battleship. In order to avoid wasting their technological wonders, the Angel Troupe is assigned to various ceremonial duties and other special missions (a.k.a "odd jobs"). Their special status in the armed forces get them branded as "weirdos" by their colleagues, but Shatoyan has the highest confidence in them. These days, Shatoyan has them assigned to one very important duty - to protect Prince Shiva wit the help of Special Guardian Division Satellite Defense Fleet General Luft Weizen and his young apprentice, Commander Takuto Meyers.

Name: Emblem Frames
The Angel Troupe pilots the Emblem Frames. These huge ships use a variety of Lost Technology equipment, ranging from a Gravitational Control System to a Chronostring Engine, which allows hyperspace travel. The ships incorporate the Human-Brain and Artificial-Brain Linking Organization (H.A.L.O.) system, which allows the pilot to control the Emblem Frame via a direct mental link. As a result of this unique system, the usefulness and strength of the Emblem Frame varies in proportion to the psychological state of the pilot. Put simply: if the pilot is feeling well, the Emblem Frame works well. If, on the other hand, the pilot is depressed, the Emblem Frame will not function. Pilots must additionally possess the innate ability to sync with the system in order for the link to work. Without this ability, a pilot will be unable to move an Emblem Frame so much as an inch, regardless of her skill as a pilot. For this reason, a vast search was conducted across the galaxy for pilots with this special gift. The resulting group consists of the five girls who make up the Angel Troupe today. Not all of the pilots could be found in existing military reserves, which is why there are civilians such as Vanilla and Mint in the troupe.

Name: The Transbaal Kingdom
In the Imperial Era 402, the 13th head of the throne, King Gerald, proclaimed that the White Moon, which up to that time was an independent state from the Kingdom, would become part of Transbaal territory. Five years later, in the year 407, Prince Eonia, the son of Gerald's elder brother, was forced into exile in the outskirts of space for an unnamed offense. This incident leads directly to the events of "Galaxy Angel." In the year 412, the exiled prince suddenly returned to the Kingdom and brought with him an unidentified fleet of extreme power. Upon arrival, Prince Eonia had King Gerald the the royal family murdered and took over the White Moon. The Moon Goddess Shatoyan, however, placed a barrier around the White Moon and sealed herself inside to protect herself from Eonia's Forces. With the members of the royal family gone, Eonia proclaimed himself king and the 14th heir to the throne of the "True Transbaal Kingdom." He rebuilt his government under an authoritarian and militaristic rule, and promised his subjects a higher standard of living through searches for unknown Lost Technologies more powerfl than those provided by the White Moon.

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