The episodes in the anime can all be found here. They go by seasons, so look for the episode that you want to watch to see what number it is. Thanks.

001 Resort Flavored, Good Luck Package
002 Pan-fried Gambling With Milfeulle Sauce
003 Bargain Asteroid And Stir Fry Vanilla
004 3 O'Clock Delivery, Angel Combination Platter
005 Abandoned School Terrine
006 Forte's Ruin Stew, Trouble Pickle
007 Amusement Park Special, Chick Mix With Mint
008 Natural Milfeulle's Investigation Sweet Pour
009 Lost Technology and Roast Beef
010 Dragon Wraps Of Love, Rouge Flavored
011 Gauze-Wrapped Scattered Bullet Sushi
012 Baseball And Negligee Glace
013 The Great Kidnapping Scheme
014 Downtown Soul Food ODEN
015 Pot-Au-Feu Of Lost Things
016 Grilled Cased Girl
017 Canned Angel With Noodles
018 Monkey Salvage Combo
019 Angel Hiss Gateau The Milfeulle
020 Special Helping Of Survival Food
021 Mascot Girl Special Secret Baked Wrap
022 Black Bowl Of Laughing Pepper
023 Super-Sized Tear Flavored Bowl Of Rice With Missile On Top
024 Fallen Angel's Dark Universe Tea Rice
025 I'd Like 5 Sukiaki Lunches

026 Angel Challenge Jelly Trial
027 Muscle Bound Broad Noodles
028 Quick Note; Ballottine Of Sigh
029 Surprise Dim Sum
030 Memory Rally Chop Suey
031 Deep Fog Sorbet
032 Deep Fried Egg Rolls Of Love
033 Wedding Cake Combiner Special
034 Galxay Angel Analytic Tea Ceremony
035 Served To Taste Revenge Lunch
036 Revolving Sushi To The Here After
037 Steel Jambalaya
038 In-Flight Meal (Excuses Curry Loaded With Ingredients)
039 Love And Doubt Fried Cabbage Cake
040 Fresh Catch; Miraculous Boat-Wrap Sushi
041 Forbidden Meuniere; Alluring Grated Yam Topping
042 Moon-View Soba Without Moon
043 A Never Before Seen Mystery Carpaccino
044 Gun Smoke And Tobacco Smoke Cassoulet

045 Old Man Detective Novel Rice Porridge
046 Original Angel Parfait With The Works
047 Shuffle French Without Dessert
048 Special Appetizer Without Main Dish
049 Deluxe Milfeulle Surprise Sandwich
050 Hug Hug Fish Pot
051 Chilled Mackerel With A Prize
052 Slippery Pasta
053 Overpriced Salad Bar
054 Angel Banana Discount
055 Painful Walnut Pie
056 Angel Hotchpotch Taste Test
057 Ultra Rare Fortune Cookie
058 Ultra Hot Kid's Meal
059 Good-Bye To Our Steaming Teapot
060 Mustached Beef Rib Rice Bowl with Rich Sauce
061 Pour, Ambitious, Chilled Sesame Chicken
062 A String Of Handmade Noodles With No Connection
063 Bamboo Cutter Platter
064 Wandering Cat Food
065 Frequently Ordered Sushi
066 Fortuitous Family Set
067 All You Can Eat Juicy Yakiniku
068 Glitter Clunk Mixed Juice
069 Junk Ramen, Extra Noodles Available
070 Continuously Pushed Sweet Red Bean Soup
071 Pyururiku Magical Stick
072 A Baumkuchen To Worry About
073 Dried Pork Legs
074 Top Gun Fried Tofu Mixed With Vegetables
075 The Sign Is Chicken Soup
076 Acting Angels' Seafood Soup
077 Special Stone Textured Dumplings
078 Scattered Hot Water's Flower Crackers
079 Competitive Sack Full Of Predictions
080 Jiggly Pudding
081 Deep Fried Love Letter
082 Galactic Rose Tea
083 Premium Tuna That Just Won't Slip
084 Assorted Rock Candy Delivery
085 Magic Pot Roast
086 Sub Zero Hot Hot Dog
087 Retry Rice
088 An Offering That You Must Not Eat
089 Sneaky Seaweed Wrap
090 Fish Jerky Over 1,000 Nights
091 Anyway Angel Morning Set
092 Star Child Sausage
093 Fresh Packed Fish
094 Prohibited String Pulling Fermented Beans
095 Rebecca
096 Extremely Fried Chicken
097 Ghost In The Jam
098 Shuffle Udon
099 Over-Fried Embarrassing Oyster

100 Ordinary Extraordinary Chocolates
101 Steamed, Thinking Of You
102 Lucky Monkey - Rice Cracker
103 Trial Price For A Slice Of Friendship
104 Commander Flavoured Invasion Spice
105 Marriage Meeting Ice-cream
106 Soup That Has Simmered Extra Long
107 Sadness and Hatred Tofu
108 Go Ahead, Rice Cooker
109 Love Rice
110 Memory-Full, Sukiyaki
111 History Is A Princess Melon
112 Upstart Agaricus
113 Caring Soba
114 Boiled Tiger Of Trauma
115 Today's Corporation In Steamed Turnip
116 Hit Man's Russian Tea
117 Avenger Ale
118 Heartbreak-Fried Vegetables For Vegans
119 Stewed Carp Of Comical Rush
120 Hi - Crepe Jack
121 Rainy Blue
122 Angelic Steamed Fish Paste
123 Boiled Flounder In Curry
124 Wish Bounded Together With Egg
125 All Okay Location Lunch Box

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