Name: Ranpha Franboise
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Emblem Frame: GA-003 Kung Fu Fighter
Height: 5'3"
Age: 18
Love Interest: Takuto
Favorite Foods: Anything Spicy
Hobbies: Fortune-telling
Special Abilities: Martial Arts

Ranpha is very strong willed. She sees things in terms of black and white, or profit and loss. She can appear pushy at times, but she is also very warmhearted and sentimental (although she would deny it). She may seem arrogant, but she is desperately searching for true love and resorts to fortunetelling and charms to find it. She has been Milfeulle's friend since the Academy. Unfortunately for her, however, she always seems to bear the burden of Milfeulle's misadventures. She is well trained in Kung Fu and rapid hand-to-hand combat. She loves extremely spicy foods. Ranpha is 18 years old. She's strong-minded and persistent. Enjoys fortune telling and kung-fu in her spare time. She appears flirtatious and easy, but is actually really shy. She never gets to reveal her feelings to the one she likes the most, and instead tries to act the opposite of what she wants to say. And even when she gets an opportunity, she becomes shy and wont say anything. Easily cries.

Kung Fu Fighter is Ranpha's Emblem Frame, customized for short-range combat. It is equipped with an electromagnetic wire anchor on both sides of the fighter. It is designed to be light and fast, and its offensive power is very strong. To gain this offensive strength, its defense had to be compromised.

Length: 118'5"
Width: 125'4"
Height: 63'8"

Ranpha is my all time favorite female character in not the series of Galaxy Angel, but in anime in general. Ranpha is a very powerful character who tries really hard to not get help from others. Her independence is both a strength and a weakness. Her care for Milfeulle, her best friend, is charming. she tries really hard to be there for her always. Ranpha is also very sarcastic and extremely funny when it comes to her relationship with Takuto, her love interest. For more information on Ranpha, please visit Piece of Cake, my personal tribute and fanlisting to Ranpha.

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