Name: Mint Blancmanche
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Emblem Frame: GA-002 Trick Master
Height: 4'1"
Age: 16
Love Interest: Takuto
Favorite Foods: Junk foods with lots of artificial flavoring and color
Hobbies: Cosplay (although she keeps it a secret)
Special Abilities: Reading minds

Mint seems to be smiling all the time, but she is really a shrewd and slick character who doesn't back down on important matters. She is the only daughter of the Blancmanche Conglomerate, one of the wealthiest families of the galaxy. Due to her strict education, she is adept at strategy and information analysis. It can be said that she is the "brain" of the Angel Troupe. In addition, she has the extraordinary gift of telepathy, which she can use to read people's inner thoughts. This gift has its downside, however, and has caused her to become somewhat distrustful. Mint enjoys artificially flavored and colored junk food, character cosplay and other costumes, and bizarre fashions. The daughter of a wealthy family, acts very lady-like. When surprised, her ears will stand up. She can be sharp-tongued at times.

This Emblem Frame is outfitted with a remote-controlled pod-unit called "Flier," suited for long-range attacks. It possesses powerful radar for widespread reconnaissance and is very effective at information analysis. Trick Master is often used as a mobile command center.

Length: 120'9"
Width: 123'4"
Height: 57'1"

Mint is a very cute character. She is very smart for her age. She is easily hurt and does't trust others that well due to her abilities of telepathy. She got made fun of as a kid because of her double sets of ears, and she could hear in her mind everyone judging her. Mint used to be one of my favorite characters of all time. She is a very strong individual, and an even better friend. She gives good advice to Takuto about Milfuelle in the manga. She also has a witty sense of humor.

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