Name: Forte Stollen
Rank: First Lieutenant
Emblem Frame: GA-005 Happy Trigger
Height: 5'9"
Age: 22
Love Interest: Takuto
Favorite Foods: Yakitori, Oden, anything that goes with alcohol
Hobbies: Guns, missiles
Special Abilities: Handing firearms

Being the oldest member of the Angel Troupe, Forte is the unofficial "troupe captain." She is known for her frankness and open mindedness. Forte does not let emotions interfere with her work and is overly meticulous about her professional life. She is a gun maniac who sees more beauty in "old-fashioned projectile firearms with a bang" than in modern laser guns. Her shooting skills are of world-class caliber. She likes "old people" foods, such as oden and yakitori. Subconsciously, she seems to be slightly sadistic, but the men can't resist her glamorous appearance and ample proportions. 22 years old, older sister type with a blunt personality. Upholds meritocracy. She'll jump into a big mess thinking, "it'll be fun" so instead of stopping the havoc the Angel Troupe gets into, she'll cause even more havoc. But, in the end, she pulls it all together like a true leader.

Happy Trigger is equipped with a wide variety of weapons, including beams, lasers, electromagnetic particles, ion particles, and tons of missiles. It boasts the most firepower and the heaviest armor of the five Emblem Frames, which costs it some mobility.

Length: 205'8"
Width: 109'11"
Height: 63'0"

I've never really considered Forte to be an important character in my mind. Her sadistic sense of humor does amuse me though, and her character is noticed at some points during the manga. Being the eldest, her role is more of a mother, than a teen-aged girl. I like the other characters a lot better because of their more girly and young personalities. Forte is a quality character though, which makes the whole series awesome.

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