Name: Chitose Karasuma
Rank: Not Listed
Emblem Frame: GA-006 Sharp Shooter
Height: 5'2"
Age: 17
Love Interest: Takuto
Favorite Foods: Japanese Snack Cakes
Hobbies: Archery
Special Abilities: not listed

Chitose has a generally mild nataure owing to her t raditionial values. But behind her strait-laced manner hide genius. Though she tries her best tat every sutuation, she is very serious and as a result, lacks some flexibility. However she can be a little scatterbrained n her daily life. Her father and the Angel Troupe provided her with the inspiration to join the Senpaal Millitary Academy and to become ea pilot. When the Angel TRoupe came across her, she was the lone survivor after a devastating attack destroyed the Area One UNit where she was stationed. Now she has the oppotrnity tot fight alongside her idols as they battles against the forces of Eonia.

The 6th Emblem Frame, Sharp Shooter, speciaalizes in sniping (or accurate long distance shooting). It is specially equipped with a high performance scope, and a radar device that pinpoints the location of enemy ships. Sharp Shooter can also use "Fatal Arrow", a special skill which utilizes a long rail cannon to incapacitate enemies at a great distance

Length: 198'10"
Width: 132'7"
Height: 77'9"

Chitose was a character that I didn't like in the beginning. Once I started to love the obook more and more and become more obsessed with it, I didn't mind her as much, and she b ecame just a character to me not a bad character. Chitose is not a major character, but Takuto asks in her in Galaxy Angel Beta to join the Angel Forces with them at the end. She wonders why since she is not an Angel, but she accepts and hangs out with them. She is not an original Angel, and she isn't a real Angel like them, but she helps them along side.

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