NAME: Ranpha Franboise
RANK: Second Lieutenant
EMBLEM FRAME: GA-003 Kung Fu Fighter
HEIGHT: 5'3"
AGE: 18
FAVORITE FOODS: Anything Spicy, especially extra spicy cream puffs
HOBBIES: Fortune Telling
"Ranpha is very strong willed. She sees things in terms of black and white, or profit and loss.
She can appear pushy at times, but she is also very warmhearted and sentimental (although she would deny it). She may seem arrogant, but she is desperately searching for true love and resorts to fortunetelling and charms to find it.
She has been Milfeulle's friend since the Academy. Unfortunately for her, however, she always seems to bear the burden of Milfeulle's misadventures.
She is well trained in Kung Fu and rapid hand-to-hand combat.
She loves extremely spicy foods.
Ranpha is 18 years old.
She's strong-minded and persistent. Enjoys fortune telling and kung-fu in her spare time.
She appears flirtatious and easy, but is actually really shy. She never gets to reveal her feelings to the one she likes the most, and instead tries to act the opposite of what she wants to say. And even when she gets an opportunity, she becomes shy and wont say anything. Easily cries." - Official Profile


Kung Fu Fighter
Length: 118'5"
Width: 125'4"
Height: 63'8"
customized for short-range combat, it is equipped with an electromagnetic wire anchor on both sides of the fighter. It is designed to be light and fast, and its offensive power is very strong. To gain this offensive strength, its defense had to be compromised.

Emblem Frames are very fragile combat machines, in the sense that they only work well when the owner has a good mental state of mind. Through out the series, Ranpha and the other Angels get sad, and their abilities don't work as well. This is often times caused by Takuto, the commander who arises feelings in all of the girls. However, when the Angels are overcome with sorrow or passion, the Emblem Frame's grow Angel Wings, and their powers are enhanced immensely.


Early Life:
      ➾ Ranpha was born the eldest daughter into a poor family, causing her to take care of her wild siblings. We know for certain that she has at least one younger brother.
      ➾ When she was of age, Ranpha left home to enlist into the military in order to provide for her family financially.
      ➾ During her Training Academy, Ranpha was somehow acquainted with Milfuelle Sakuraba, who later became her fierce rival. Milfuelle didn't notice the rivalry, however, and instead thought of Ranpha as her dear friend.
      ➾ Ranpha and Milfie ended up becoming close friends, especially when they found out they were both compatible to pilot the hidden treasures from the White Moon, the Emblem Frames. Their superior officer, Forte Stollen trained them for their new mission.
Galaxy Angel:
      ➾ Ranpha and the Angel Wing were given the mission to escort the Elsior, a ship that carries the last surviving member of the royal family.
      ➾ Ranpha's fortune telling insists that there will be a new love interest coming soon. She gets excited to meet the new commander of the Elsior.
      ➾ On the way, they picked up Takuto Meyers and Lester Coolduras to become the new commanders of the ship. Ranpha was the most vocal in expressing her concerns about Takuto becoming the next Commander. She thought Lester was far more fit. Takuto gets a C average while Lester gets an A plus.
      ➾ Ranpha is currently searching for her "Mr.Right," and sometimes feels like this person could be Takuto. However, his kindness towards everyone pushes her feelings away.
      ➾ Ranpha's red china dress gets her attacked by a giant cow, because apparently cows don't like the color red. Milfie comes to her aid, but is thrown off the cow onto Takuto. Ranpha has a sense of jealousy.
      ➾ When the Angel Troupe goes to the hot springs for the day, Ranpha is seen sneaking off to find the Secret Springs, where her future lover will be seen in the mist. When she gets there, she sees Takuto's face.
      ➾ Ranpha wakes up from a dream of her seeing Takuto again in the "true" secret springs, and she gets angry that it's him again. She calls her dream a nightmare.
      ➾ Ranpha ignores Takuto and hides in Space Whales Room with Kuromie. She tells him she needs a man mature and dependable. Kuromie knows that Takuto is truly who she likes, and Ranpha tells him she is "just dissapointed" that it's him.
      ➾ Takuto finally finds Ranpha hiding, and overhears her saying she doesn't want him to be her soulmate. She apologizes for ignoring him, but tells him to stop following her around.
      ➾ Ranpha and Milfie get kidnapped on a mission by the Hell Hounds. Takuto comes with a fake Prince Shiva (really Vanilla in disguise) to rescue them. When the disguise is foiled, Takuto says he has come because a girl he really likes is on the ship. Ranpha wonders who it was, and asks him. He says, "It's you of course! And Milfie too." He explains that he likes all women. Ranpha slaps him, calls him scum, and leaves.
      ➾ Ranpha gets trapped on top of a crate in a storage room looking for something. Takuto finds her, and she tells him to get her down. Takuto states, "I'll help you if you call me Takuto. You never call me by my name. Do you hate me?" Ranpha replies, "That's right... I hate you!!" Takuto smiles and turns away, and she states she will get down by herself. As she tries, she slips and begins to fall. Takuto rushes to catch her, and the fall onto each other. When she starts to tell him to get off, a box lands on Takuto's head, pushing his face against hers. The two end up accidentally kissing. Miflie comes in and sees, and quickly leaves the room.
      ➾ Ranpha finds Milfie alone during the day of the Celebratory Ball. Ranpha head butts Milfie, and tells her the kiss with Takuto was like that headbutt, an accident. She tells her that Takuto was calling out for Milfie, and to go to him. Ranpha cries to herself as Milfie and Takuto are dancing at the ball. Forte calls her a silly girl for crying, and puts her hat over Ranpha's head.
      ➾ Milfie confronts Ranpha about her feelings for Takuto. Ranpha explains that her feelings don't matter because Takuto chose Milfie. She tells her to have confidence in her relationship with Takuto.
Galaxy Angel BETA:
      ➾ Ranpha is back to searching for Mr.Right, and continues to refuse it is Takuto, even though she keeps dreaming about how it's him.
      ➾ Miflie hasthe legendary Love Chicken, and Ranpha steals it because she wants Judy to hatch the egg so she can find out who her true soulmate is. However, after days of stressing and caring for this chicken, Ranpha finds out Judy is a boy. She feels stupid for what she had done.
      ➾ Ranpha falls one day, and Takuto catches her. She thinks to herself that things like this are why she has a hard time forgetting about Takuto.
      ➾ In a special called Imagination Theater, Ranpha is kidnapped by Prince Eonia, who states that he will make Ranpha his bride. Lester gets pissed, and goes after her. He beats up Eonia, and tells Ranpha they are going home. Ranpha smiles, and there is a silhouette of them kissing in the distance.
      ➾ When Chitose kidnaps Takuto, Ranpha gets pissed and says they are going to beat her up because she did that. Ranpha is the only one who thinks violent thoughts during this point in the manga.
      ➾ When Takuto and Chitose are shooting at Milfie, Ranpha gets pissed and screams out to him to stop. She cares about Milfie, and knows Takuto's hurting her by kissing other women and shooting at her ship.
      ➾ After their mission is complete, Ranpha goes on vacation. She comes back with gifts for everyone. She gives Takuto bracelets to wear with Milfie, and tells him that she realized that he reminds her of Milfie. Because of this, she tells him, "that must be why I like you Takuto." Ranpha smiles and leaves. She is finally able to tell him her true feelings.
Galaxy Angel 2:
      ➾ When the universe of NEUE was discovered, she joined the Elsior in the first survey mission of the newly discovered, surviving civilization.
      ➾ With the discovery of new Emblem Frames and the construction of the Luxiole underway, the Moon Angel Wing was formally disbanded and its members went off to pursue their careers to help the new universe.
      ➾ Ranpha retired from military service and using her peoples skills she became an ambassador of EDEN and worked on the planet of Magiic to improve social standings other than the military modernization in Seldar and the general sharing of technologies.


As seen from the Timeline above, Ranpha struggles with her feelings for Takuto. Although she knows they are there, she often pushes them under the table by saying mean things to him, or talking loudly at him. She doesn't want him to know how she feels, especially because his kindness towards everyone pisses her off. She doesn't want to be played, and she has a "tough-girl" personality to keep up with. There are many moments where I personally feel like Ranpha and Takuto have potentially to be a great couple. However, Ranpha knows that no matter what, Milfie will be number one in Takuto's heart, and she doesn't want to have to compete for affection. I think that Ranpha shines the most when she is finally able to tell Takuto in Galaxy Angel Beta that she likes him. This allows her to slowly begin to move on because she put her feelings out there, and wasn't given the same feelings back.

However, if you play any of the Galaxy Angel games, Takuto is able to end up with any of the Angels. If you choose your path to be with Ranpha, the story line plays out very differently. Below is going to be a list of things that Takuto and Ranpha will do if you pick her to be his soulmate during the Galaxy Angel Dating Games.
      ➾ The two will go out on a shopping date around the City for a new dress. After a full day of shopping, Ranpha finds a beautiful pair of shoes she saw on an actress in her favorite Drama. However, the clerk says there is only that one pair left, and it's not for sale. Takuto intervenes and tells him that the shoes are better off being worn on a beautiful girl. Takuto gets the shoes for free, and gifts them to Ranpha.
      ➾ On the day of the ball, Ranpha is found by Takuto alone and depressed. She states that the shoes she got him aren't her size, and they have cut her feet. She says her moment to shine was ruined. Takuto disagrees, telling her to give him at least one dance at the ball together. Ranpha's fantasy dance comes true, but is ruined by an attack on the ship.
      ➾ Ranpha feeds Takuto a boxed meal that she made him, but he struggles to keep up. Although upset, she decides to show her affection towards him in a different way by sharing a diary with him. Takuto, too awkward to write a genuine entry back, upsets Ranpha causing her to lock herself in her room. The Angel Troupe tries to convince her to come out, but it doesn't work. Takuto goes in and finally is able to express his true feelings.
      ➾ Before the final battle, Takuto finds Ranpha in the exercise room where she works off her anxiety. She says she can't believe she has been chosen for this final battle. He tells her to focus on those she loves and cares for, and she makes him promise to do the same. The two share a kiss to finalize their feelings together.
      ➾ Ranpha was overwhelming when she wanted to wear matching outfits together. Takuto thought over the situation and realized that he loved Ranpha for her over-zealous compassion toward love and decided to wholeheartedly convince her that he was ready to "catch-up" to her. Before combat began, Takuto wore the embarrassing shirt Ranpha gave him and added in a bandanna and a banner and stormed the Hangar to cheer her on in a rather fiery display of passion.
      ➾ With Takuto's workload increasing than ever before, Ranpha and Takuto both found little time to be together. Even when they did, Takuto would spend his time taking naps and generally relaxing. Ranpha had become fearful that Takuto had lost interest in their relationship. Ranpha gets a tick almost and ends up continuously punching Takuto away from her every time he comes near her. She fears that if they are together, she will end up really hurting him.
      ➾ When the ship gets attacked and a huge crack comes in between Ranpha and Takuto, Takuto tells Ranpha he needs to trust him and jump into his arms. Ranpha clears the jump and lands into Takuto's arms and realize that they can now make contact again. Afterwards, they find the main hall evacuated thanks to Lester and the rest of the Angel Wing.
      ➾ Ranpha gifts Takuto a handmade charm that is filled with photos of her.
      ➾ Before a huge battle, Takuto states that he wants everyone to be safe after the battle so he can meet his "sibling-in-laws", suggesting his intent of marriage.
      ➾ In the ending, Ranpha is seen preparing food with what is presumed to be after her marriage with Takuto.

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