to Spirit Gun, Megan's tribute to the character Yuusuke Urameshi from the anime and manga series, Yu Yu Hakusho (The Ghost Files/The Poltergeist Report). Most of this tribute is going to be solely based on the manga version of Yu Yu Hakusho, but may include anime information if stated otherwise. There will be many unmarked SPOILERS on each information page, so watch out for that if you aren't familiar with the subject! However, if you want to walk the line of life and death like Yuusuke, check out the information page to find out basic information, as well as some essay sections on his character. If you like what you see there, you should definitely join the fanlisting on the official fanlisting page! After you do that, feel free to look at a large anime and movie gallery portal. If you want to learn more about Spirit Gun, as well as find some other awesome sites, check out the website section. Don't feel like browsing anymore? Then clear will bring you back here. Thanks, and have a nice look around!

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