Yuriko is a character that definitely grows through out the series. When we first see her, she is dragging Haruka into her ESP club, locking the door so she can't leave. This shows how persistent she is. She starts off being really selfish, but selfish for a good reason. She is determined to avenge her mother for being laughed at and called a con-artist for being a psychic. She does whatever it takes to prove to society that ESP is real, and that people with it need to be protected and cared for. She uses Haruka, a girl in her high school who has special mind-reading abilities to try to accomplish her goals. She goes as far as putting herself in danger with a criminal who beats young girls almost to death in order to prove her beliefs to a not-so-ready society. This selfishness is represented by her passion for her mother and her loved ones. She would bend over backwards for anyone she loves that is in need of it. She is seen sticking up for Haruka when she was being bullied by her classmates, and trying to protect her new friends from her past causing new mistakes. Overall, Yuriko is a really powerful character who learns that she can't let her past demons define her future. She no longer will allow herself to let her mothers death interfere with her happiness with her new friends in the ESP Research Society.

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