When Yuriko was a child, she was often bullied by her classmates because of her moms job, being a psychic. Kids called her a liar because her mother was also a "liar." Daichi would always run to her aid, and help her out. He would stand up to the bullies who pushed her down, and often get hurt in the process, too. However, he would do it over and over again, and constantly stand by her side. He was a fan of Chizuru's work, and also really liked Yuriko as well. They would always stay together since then on, and continued to grow as friends even into their high school years. Yuriko didn't understand why Daichi was always there for her, but she accepted it and allowed him to follow her. He always is quoted telling her, "I will neither agree nor disagree with you, I'm here because I want to be," whenever she doubted what his intentions were. Because of how he treated her as a child, she began to fall in love with him. However, Daichi is kind of dim-witted when it comes to his own relationships, so he never understands any of her obvious cues.

Their friends never realized that Yuriko had feelings for Muroto until one day when he asked her to feed him to see if her cooking had improved. I think it's kind of a shock because of the appearance of Daichi. He had a growth defect that caused him to not grow any taller than a small elementary school kid. Yuriko is a beautiful young woman with big-breasts, so it just seems unlikely that the two would be a match. Especially because it's Yuriko that chases after Daichi, not the other way around. When they all go to the beach, Yuriko shows off her new bathing suit and bounces her boobs basically in Daichi's face, saying that she got bigger. He took it the wrong way, and asked her if she "gained weight again," causing Yuriko to get angry and run off with her gal friends instead of hanging around him. The two are also seen hanging out alone at Daichi's house. His mother opens the door suddenly, and asks Yuriko to stay for dinner every night with them. Daichi gets angry and tells his mom to knock before opening the door. His mom makes a joke and states they weren't doing anything that she couldn't open the door to see. Yuriko laughs at him, and he gives her a dirty look. You can sense that he wants privacy with her, and that there is some romance tension between the two, but nothing is said.

When Yuriko uses herself as bait walking down the 2nd Street Alley in order to prove a point with her ESP research, Daichi jumps in the way as she is about to be beaten with a metal rod by the attacker. He gets slashed in the back, and falls right onto Yuriko. She hugs him and calls out to him, crying because he jumped in the way to save her. They are taken to the hospital, and Yuriko sits next to the bed he is in and cries the whole time until he wakes up. When he awakes, he looks at her and asks her if she's been crying, which she aggressively denies. He puts his glasses on and smiles because "she looks okay," meaning he is glad that she didn't get hurt during the bad situation. Yuriko apologizes to him and tells him its all her fault because she was on a selfish quest for revenge. However, she yells at him for jumping in the way, stating "I thought you would leave me like my mother did... Don't do that again! I never want to see you get hurt because of me again!" He tells her that that puts him in a bad situation, because if he had to live it over again, he would do the same thing again to protect her. She asks him why he stays by her side, even though he always gets hurt. She asks him if it's because he likes her mother, but he says "If I had to choose between you and her, I'd choose you. I won't tell you to forget about your anger or your revenge, But I don't want you to sacrifice the time you have now for that." He tells her that he likes the way she looks when she surrounds herself with Kotoura, and that she actually seems happy. He doesn't want her to spend her whole life only focusing on what burdens her, but to have fun with people who love her and live in the now. She tries to protest and say that she's just doing what she's always wanted to do, and she always goes for what she sets her mind to. He protests back and says, "I'm on this boat now. I'll stay with you until the end. Even through your selfishness and your lousy bad-guy act." She pretends to be offended by what he says, but smiles and is thankfully for him saying that as she cries and holds onto his hand.

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