The ESP Research Society Club Room is a really creepy looking room at Midorigaoka High School. The original club only consisted of two members, Yuriko and Daichi. Daichi is quoted to say that the only reason they only had two members at first is because Yuriko scares new members away by abducting them and attempting to lock them in the room. Thankfully, as time goes on, they add three more members to the club who having interesting "abilities" to add in.

Yuriko Mifune: is the President of the club who doesn't need a talent. She refers to herself as the "general" of the club. Her skill is that she can order the group around without fail. Everyone always seems to listen to her and follow her ideas in the club.
Daichi Muroto: is the Vice President of the club, who doesn't have any real psychic ability either. He is oddly shaped and embraces it even though he is often teased for his height. He is extremely smart and will always be found reading or on his laptop. He is good at figuring out locations of people.
Haruka Kotoura: is the third member of the club. She is a real psychic because she has mind-reading capabilities. Yuriko forces Haruka to join the club to help her accomplish her goal. Because Haruka is so kind, she is easily used by Yuriko in the beginning.
Yoshihisa Manabe: is the fourth member of the club. He has no real talent, but is able to join in because he can use his perverted thoughts to tease and harass Haruka, which Yuriko thought was funny. When asked what skills he wants to learn, he says that he wants to have x-ray vision, and the ability to move girls skirts up 10 inches.
Hiyori Moritani: is the last member to join in the club. In the manga version she says her skill is that she can talk to the dead, and when tested by Yuriko in a haunted house, "nothing comes to her." In the anime version she says she has the ability to move things without touching them. She uses her karate moves to blow out candles.

So, you may be wondering what exactly are the goals of this club? Well, Yuriko created the club under the following goal:
"To find scientific proof that psychic abilities exist, so that general populous will acknowledge them. Also, to protect those with psychic abilities from the prejudiced views of society."
Together, the five members become best friends. In the last episode, Yuriko tells the gang that the club will be dismissed. Everyone freaks out, especially Haruka who finally made friends and felt like she had a place to be. Yuriko smiles and says that a new ESP club will start that day as well, with a new mission statement: "It's activities will primarily revolve around having fun with a psychic." This meant that now they were going to just have fun as friends with a psychic friend, Haruka, instead of trying to use Haruka for her ability. She realized that spending her life fighting for her dead mother would end up ruining her own chance to be happy with her friends. They all party and spend the day together as best friends.

In a bonus special called "In Haruka's Room, Episode 3 is all about Yuriko and her club. She tells Haruka in her interview that she is glad that she has met someone with real ESP and who was willing to join her club. She goes into a tantrum for the the whole two minute episode about the importance of ESP research. Below are the quotes of the points she makes during her interview:
- I'm sure there are a few fakers but its not right to label all ESPs as fakes because of that.
- If you do possess ESP, its dangerous to display that ability in front of the media.
- Since its not a trick, theres no guarantee that the results will be what people expect.
- If you fail, you'll be shunned and treated like a monster!
- That is precisely why we need proper facilities for researching ESP and protecting those who have it!
- Such government run facilities exist in other countries! I am forced to say that Japan is seriously lagging behind in the ESP research department! There are only a few unofficial agencies.
However, Haruka cuts her off and the episode ends. This is all very true in her mind. After the death of her mother, she tells herself that promoting information about ESP will be her life goal. She puts all of her time and dedication into this. However, unlike Haruka, she seems to be really popular in the school, even with such a weird passion. She loves Haruka for who she is, and especially because she has mind-reading capabilities.

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