Chizuru Mifune was a well known clairvoyant, and also the mother of Yuriko. Chizuru really enjoyed helping people, which is why she worked with the police department to help solve cases and mysteries. She wrote a few books about her abilities in order to have them documented down. When the media took hold of her, the police department denied any affiliation because ESP was not highly accepted in the society they live in. Society started to point the finger at Chizuru, calling her a scam and a fake. They thought she was only doing it for the fame and fortune that comes along with it. She was seen on TV shows and in the media, and society couldn't believe that she was serious. Yuriko watched from a far, and was bullied at school as well because of what her mom was doing on TV. Little kids would kick her on the streets saying, "they say daughters of liars are also liars!" Chizuru one day couldn't handle the stress and hate that the media was giving her and accusing her of, so she hanged herself. Yuriko came home and looked up to see her mom hanging from the ceiling in her home. When the police were called, they saw a young Yuriko sitting in the corner of the room, crying by herself.

From that point on, Yuriko dedicated her whole teenaged life to finding a way to prove ESP is real, and find a way to get the people with this ability protected. She hears rumors of a young transfer student at her school who has the ability to read peoples minds just like her mother did, so she hunts her down and gets her to join on her side to proving that things exist. She gets really selfish in order to avenge her mothers death. Revenge fills her mind, and causes her to use her friends. When she starts to realize that Haruka is getting bullied because of her - she has flashbacks of the mean things people would say about her mother, and cries. We see Yurki having night terrors that night of her screaming "No! No! No! My mother is right! She's not lying!" and she wakes up crying and screaming. We see that this event with her mother effected her so much that she also put her own life in danger, willing to be attacked by a criminal in order to prove that Haruka was mind-reading and found out where the criminal was. Because of her actions, her long-time friend Daichi, is attacked in her place by the mugger. She realizes that her selfish quest needs to be put on hold, and that her mother wouldn't want her actions to cause harm to others. She says, "I'd be lying if I said I was giving up on proving psychic abilities, but I put [my friends] and Daichi in too much danger already, so I will take my time and do what I can do." From that point on, she keeps her desire close to her heart, but she learns that life isn't just about revenge, its about enjoying her present time with her friends, too.

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