In the anime version, Yuriko is mostly known for having huge breasts, which often causes envy from the main character, Haruka. Yuriko is a young 17 year old girl with rosy cheeks and long blue hair. She always is seen with a red head band in her hair, which matches the red on her high school outfit. Her eyes pretty much match the color of her hair, and are very big. Yuriko is very skinny and toned, but she is often teased by Daichi for "gaining weight," when the only thing that has grown are her breasts. We don't often see her in other outfits during the 12-episode anime, but she does wear a few other things such as a formal outfit when they go out to dinner with Haruka's rich grandfather, a bathing suit during the beach scene, and her casual spring clothes when they went to search for Haruka. All of these outfits can be found in the gallery section of this shrine.

The manga version of Yuriko is extremely different. She is way more reserved in her appearance than in the anime version. We never really see much definition or clear outlines of Yuriko's breasts in the manga like you will see in the anime version. She is also way less developed in her uniform than in the anime. We see her in casual clothes far more often in the manga version as well. Her casual clothes show her in turtle-necks and other comfortable things, which all hide her breasts. I think this is important to note, because this happens a lot when mangas are transformed into an anime. I assume they do this to attract male viewers more who are more interested in watching hot girls than reading about them. However, her big breasts in the anime don't stop me from liking her, I just think that having them less-noticeable in the manga is a little bit nicer so that we can be sure people like her character based on her personality instead of her body.

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