At the end of the Tale of Symphonia OVA, Yuan is seen leaning up against the World Tree, which is full grown. He took the path to stay by the tree and protect it from the evils that may be left in the world. Yuan seems extremely happy at the end, knowing that the world was saved, and Martel gave life to the tree. He gets to stay by her side, as a tree, for the rest of his life, protecting it (which he wasn't able to do for her...) I think that this was a great way to end the OVA, having Yuan by the spirit of Martel's side for the rest of time. While Yuan takes on this task, his friends take on others. Lloyd goes on a journey to destroy exspheres, Raine and Genis go to find a place for half-elves to live peacefully together, and Kratos goes to Derris-Kharlan to make sure they can find peace as well. In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Yuan is seen communicating with Kratos one last time at the World Tree, which looks a little (a lot) smaller in the game than in the OVA. There, Kratos tells Yuan that they have finally reached the limit of the communication reach, and he wanted to say his final farewell. The two had contacted each other ever since Kratos left, in order to learn about what is happening in each respective place. Kratos tells Yuan to make sure he takes good care of the World Tree, and that he is counting on him. Yuan promises to do so. They both say their farewells, calling each other by their full names and ending with "my friend." It was definitely an emotional scene to watch if you are a fan of Kratos or their friendship in general. Yuan and Lloyd often communicate as well, both following the wishes of the Summon Spirit of Martel. She warns them of the evils that will destroy the tree, and therefore do all they can in their power to stop it from coming true. Lloyd and Yuan work together with intentions to bury Ratatosk and the Centurion's cores within the door as a permanent seal. It's the only way to ward off interference from Niflheim and protect mankind in general. Lloyd leaves Yuan to stay at the tree alone as he travels with Emil and the new group to finish out the wishes of Martel alone. Side Note: Yuan has a fancy new outfit as the protector of the tree! He looks a lot more mature and dressed up then he did before, in my opinion. But, I guess it only makes sense that he gets to protect the most important thing in the world in style! (hehe)

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