The Kharlan War, also known as The Ancient War, was a conflict that began 5,000 years before the main story of Tales of Symphonia. The war lasted about 1,000 years between two power countries, Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. The war was stopped thanks to Yuan, Kratos, Mithos, and Martel by forming pacts with the summon spirits around the world. The four became known as the Great Heroes of the Kharlan War. However, a human comrade betrayed the heroes and stabbed Martel, killing her. Yuan, who shortly before proposed to Martel, was furious. Mithos became extremely unstable and ordered Origin, the leader of the Summon Spirits, to make him a sword capable of manipulating creation and time itself. Origin trusted Mithos and created the Eternal Sword, which Mithos used to separate the world in two, thus becoming Sylvarant and Tethe'alla, named after the two former countries.

After learning about Yuan being a hero in this war, I decided to look up characteristics and personality traits of great leaders of war. I found six main themes through out many websites that describes these types of people; Ambition, Drive and Tenacity, Self-Confidence, Psychological Openness, Realism, and an Appetite for Learning. I think that Yuan definitely has the drive to fight in these wars, especially when the woman he loves wants to save and create a better world. The other traits I have seen through out the series based on his actions.

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