The Renegades are an organization that opposes the resurrection of Martel. They fight against Cruxis and the Desians. For awhile, Mithos had no idea that Yuan was the leader of the Renegades, but when he finds out, he realizes that Yuan had betrayed him and doesn't understand why. Yuan's main goal was to get the King and Pope of Tethe'alla to assassinate The Chosen of Sylvarant by telling them that the health of their world would perish if she succeeds. After the agreed, they sent Sheena to assassin Colette in order to stop the Journey of Regeneration from happening in Sylvarant. Yuan had nothing against Colette in particular, he just didn't want her to become the vessel for Martel to be revived in. Yuan uses his knowledge of Kratos being Lloyd's father to his advantage, and tries to turn Lloyd against Kratos, in order to help make his mission easier. He knows that Kratos wouldn't kill Lloyd with his own hands, and therefore would be a great way to get him to release the seal with Origin.

Yuan might seem a little deceitful here, and he appears to be a bad guy at first as well. But, it is important to remember that Yuan is just trying to make up for what he did in Cruxis. He awakens from his angry fit that he was having and realizes that if Martel was still with them, she would be 100% against everything that Mithos and the rest of Cruxis were doing. Yuan seeks to truly live out her dreams by creating the Renegades in order to stop Cruxis and the Desians.

Botta is Yuan's second commander in The Renegades, and is assumed to be Yuan's current day best friend. We don't really see their relationship very much during the game, but in the OVA, Bota and Yuan are seen talking and together more often. In the scene where Sheena is about to make a pact with Volt, Bota gives Yuan disapproving looks because he is unsure if they will succeed in the pact. Yuan laughs friendly with him and reassures they can just read the mana and figure out if they need to help out or not. Bota shakes his head and smiles back. This small interaction shows their comfort level together, insisting on a friendship between the two. In the game it states that Bota dies protecting Lloyd at the Remote Island Human Ranch, but at the end of the OVA, Bota is seen approaching Yuan and smiling. Therefore, I am not really sure if he actually dies or not... but I am happier with the OVA ending where Bota and Yuan stay friends.

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