The following quotes are all found during the in-battle scenarios from the game Tales of Symphonia, GameCube version. They include Pre-Battle Quotes, Technique Quotes, Winning Quotes, and Other.

1. "Die!"
2. "Take this! Thunder Blade!"
3. "Thunder Explosion!"
4. "Take this! Indignation!"
5. "Give up!"
6. "Ugh!"
7. "No!"
8. "Cure your fate for standing in my way."
9. "The power... of your exsphere..."


The following quotes are from the game Tales of Symphonia. They are just quotes that I felt described Yuan's attitude and personality rather well.

1. "....Human! Your kind must not be allowed to live!"
2. "So you've come, like moths to the flame!"
3. "I see your attitudes haven't changed! But your impudence ends here! Prepare to die!"
4. "You've walked right into my trap, fools!"
5. "Ha ha ha! You certainly have guts. But I'm afraid I don't see the need to introduce myself to a miserable little creature like you."
6. "Do you intend to have us explain everything? How about using your own head a little."
7. "I'll show you the difference of our strength."
8. "Kratos will be fine. Form the pact with Origin."

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