Yuan went through a period of following Mithos blindly, as stated in the pages before this. However, one day his eyes were opened, and he saw exactly what type of horrible things he was participating in. Yuan did not want to betray Mithos, but as he stated, he realized too late to talk him out of anything. Therefore, Yuan had no other choice but to sneak behind his back and create the Renegades to take the Desians out, and stop the Journey of Regeneration with the two Chosen. In the game, Yuan and Mithos meet outside of Altessa's house, accidentally, and Mithos finds out that Yuan betrayed him. He tells him, "If it weren't for my sisters wish to spare your life, I'd kill you right now," as he beats the crap out of Yuan. I think Mithos used his sister as an excuse here to also kind of hint that he didn't want to kill Yuan either, but he was so furious as to what Yuan did to him. I think this because we see Mithos kill off characters who were on his side like Pronyma just for upsetting him. So, this being said, having a traitor around he still doesn't kill Yuan simply because he has fond memories of Yuan, and he may also appreciate Martel's wish for Yuan. Back in the OVA, when Yuan and Kratos become aware that Lloyd has killed off Mithos, he makes the face seen to the upper right. Yuan was really upset that Mithos had to die, but he realizes that that was really the only way to save Martel's wishes and save the worlds. Yuan blames himself a little for why Mithos has to die. He said if he had only realized sooner than he could have been stopped, and saved. However, Yuan continues on even after the death of his friend and believes in Lloyd to create a new world for half-elves that Mithos also wanted.

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