So, from previous pages we learned that Yuan had a major crush on Martel, ever since they started traveling together. He always obeyed her wishes, and often went out of his way to be by her side. We didn't hear much about what happened between the flirty times and her death, but a side story is available in the Tales of Symphonia game to hear a bit more! Yuan is seen dropping a ring in Hima, but he doesn't realize it is gone until its too late. If Lloyd picks it up, it has writing on it in ancient ruins and elven text. The gang realizes that it may be an engagement ring. We see Yuan later on talking to himself, "It's not here either... Sorry Martel...," as Lloyd and his gang show up. They ask him if what he is looking for is the ring. Yuan starts off being rude about it, but then ends up begging for it back. He explains that it's really important to him, and he would do anything to have it back in his possession. They agree to give it back, and then tell him they know he traveled with Kratos, Martel, and Mithos back in the day. He is surprised hear this, and says that this isn't the world he originally imagined, and is sure that Martel is sad too. Regal tries to ask him if Yuan and Martel were engaged, but Yuan quickly interrupts by thanking them for the ring, and leaves.

And I leave you with this: A beautiful dance between Yuan and his one love that appears in the opening of the OVA. I wish they gave more information about them together, but unfortunately Yuan is just a minor character, and although everything revolves around Martel, she seems to be as well....

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