For starters, when I watched the scenes that had to do with Yuan, Kratos, Mithos, and Martel, I couldn't help but smile because they were the original chosen group. They had good intentions, wanting to save the world from evil and harm, just as Colette and Lloyd did in modern times. Martel had a good vision for the group, "I like this world. SO that's why I thought, 'I want to protect this world. The sky, the air, the land.'" And so, with that in mind, the group set off to create a world where half-elves belonged, and where everyone could live together in harmony. However, all of them knew that it would be a hard journey, so they promised to stick together. To do this, they realized they had to revive the Giant Kharlan Tree, so they set off on a journey to do so. Yuan and the gang often joked around, and teased each other, showing how close they all were. Below are some discussions the traveling group had that were significant.

Yuan: Seriously! I can't believe how naive you guys can be!
Martel: Why is that?
Yuan: Isn't it obvious? Why should we search for Phantalia flowers for mere humans?
Martel: Everyone is worried that things at Ozette may turn into an epidemic.
Yuan: I know that! But why should we help people who wish the worst for us?
Mithos: Despite that, we can't just leave people suffering without doing anything!
Kratos: If you don't want to help, you can return to the village and wait for us.
Yuan: I-it's not that I don't want to help...
Kratos: Then stop complaining.

Yuan is stuck in his own mind, because he is so used to being oppressed for being a half-elf, that he doesn't really understand why they are being so kind. Although that is Martel's vision, and Yuan follows her full-heartedly because of his feelings towards her, he can't shake off the racism he, and the fellow people he loves, has gotten. This is a mental battle that Yuan has to overcome in order to fully believe in the words of Martel, but I don't think he actually overcomes this until present day time with Lloyd and Colette.

Mithos: Stop it already! In reality, you want to help them too, huh?
Yuan: Well, I... Kratos, can't you help me in situations like these once in awhile?
Kratos: *sighs* Yuan is merely concerned and worried about your well being.
Yuan: *blushes* Kratos!!
Martel: Oh really? I knew we could count on you!
Yuan: Ah... uh... of course!!
Kratos: *Thinks to himself about how gullible Yuan is*
Mithos: You just thought about how he was gullible, right?
Yuan: You guys are making fun of me!!! *They all laugh*

Yuan is often teased for his hypocritical thought processes that I explained above, because everyone else is on page with Martel's plan and wishes. Yuan doesn't understand right away, though, that he is being teased by everyone. He assumes that everyone is honest with him, yet they are often joking around. However, I don't think Yuan really minds this because he always chooses to stay with the gang instead of separating from them. They all enjoy each other's company far too much to go their separate ways.

Overall, I think that it's really random that these four ended up together. I understand that Mithos and Martel were going to stick together no matter what, simply because they are brother and sister. Yuan... he is a half elf, just like Mithos & Martel, but he was originally on the force of Sylvarant while Kratos was on the opposing. Yuan told Kratos that he used to hate him so much, but eventually he gets over it. When the two talk while walking together alone during the Tales Fandom chronicles, Kratos smiles in acknowledgement that Yuan no longer seems to hate him anymore. Yuan tells him that Kratos has changed a lot while traveling together, so it seems as though Yuan is telling him he appreciates him now. Kratos and Yuan say they want to change the world because they both had lost their respective countries. They just hope together that it isn't too late. I personally think they all ended up together because humanity and elven bad tension towards each other and half-elves was becoming too much for the world to handle. The world was full of war, hate, deceit, and destruction, and no one was going to benefit from it in the end. Thankfully, the four traveled together in hopes of creating a better world and a better future for all.

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