Yuan's magic is primarily lightning based, and he is very skillful in magic use. His two most powerful attacks in the game are Thunder Explosion and Indignation. In the Japanese Playstation 2 version, Yuan steals Lloyd's attack Shunraiken and also gains an attack called Tenshou Raizangeki. He slams his weapon into the ground and creates a huge line of lightning to fall away from him and at the opponent. We see him use this in the animation against Kratos, except he combines Thunder Explosion with Tenshou Raizangeki to make an ultimate attack.

THUNDER EXPLOSION - Shouha Bakuraijin
Also known as, "Flying Destruction Explode Thunder Formation," is Yuan's signature lightning-based arte. Yuan jumps into the air and spins his massive weapon. Thrusting one of its tips into the ground, a glyph forms on the ground around him and causes lightning to erupt within the glyph's range.

INDIGNATION - Indiguneishon/Indegunishon
A powerful spell that has been featured in most of the games in the Tales series. It is famous as the first spell to be presented in the series by Edward D. Morrison in the beginning of Tales of Phantasia. Generally this spell has been described as summoning a single, massive bolt of lightning that creates a large dome of energy around its impact point. It is the highest-level and most powerful spell of its element that can be learned.

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