to Strike Like Lightning, a small dedication for Yuan Ka-Fai from the game and OVA series Tales of Symphonia. Spoilers will be in most sections of this site, therefore be cautious while reading in order for you to limit exposure to things you may not wish to see yet. Most of this site is going to be based on the OVA version of Tales of Symphonia, simply because Yuan has a larger role in the OVA. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to shoot me an e-mail and I will respond as soon as possible! Take a look around and enjoy your stay!


Version one of Strike Like Lightning features a screen shot I took from the OVA. All aspects of the layout were made by me or default to Adobe Photoshop CS, with the exception of fonts that were downloaded from Dafont. All of the navigation is below. Please continue to scroll in order to view the site contents.

the basics

NAME: Yuan Ka-Fai
AGE: 4,000+
RACE: Half-Elf
HP: 16000
TP: 652
WEAPON: Double-edged blade
EXP: 4890
GALD: 3150
CARRYING: Ex Gem Lvl 4
SEIYUU: Toshiyuki Morikawa (JV), Chris Edgerly (EV)
LIKES: whiskey
DISLIKES: being made fun of

- appearance - physical descriptions of both the game and ova
- half elf - the mix in blood
- quotes - what he talks about
- weapon - what is his weapon, and what is the history of it?
- attacks - list of moves in battle
- lightning - symbolism and comparisons
- gallery - a large gallery portal of yuan


- military - half-elven soldier
- traveling group - kratos, mithos, & martel
- war - kharlan war
- anger - the death of his beloved
- cruxis - the four seraphim

present day

- renegades - upholding martel's vision
- kratos - once friend, now what?
- mithos - the battle between old pals
- lloyd - the answer to his problems
- world tree - guardian of the tree
- martel - vissions of the past connect to the present

thoughts & opinions

When I played through Tales of Symphonia on the GameCube with my sister, Yuan didn't stick out to me the first time. As we went through our second play through, I started to realize that Yuan was a special character. He didn't have a large role, but I could sense that he wasn't evil for his actions, and he had a hidden pain that drove him to do what he does. As I read more about his character and was exposed to the OVA, I decided that Yuan was one of my favorite characters from Tale of Symphonia. This is because his character grows a lot from meeting Martel, to her death, to being exposed to Lloyd and Colette's goals for the world. I watched him have hope, lose hope, do disgusting things to humans, to attempting to repent for his sins, to being happy once more. He is very old, just like Kratos, and therefore he has been through a lot. He never loses respect for himself through out the whole series, which is admirable. I think that Yuan deserves to have more of a role in this series, but I am happy for what he was given (which is larger than other characters). Hopefully from reading my site you have learned some information about Yuan that you may have not known before. What makes me happy about making tributes to characters is I often learn a lot more about them, which makes me like them even more! I have learned so much about Yuan, and I hope that Tales comes out with even more small scenes, though very doubtful, so I can continue to absorb Yuan's character, pain, and growth.


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