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NAME: Wizardmon (Wizarmon)
LEVEL: Adult
TYPE: Demon Man
FIELD: Nature Spirits, Nightmare Soldiers
BIRTH PLACE: Witchelny (Digital World of a different dimension)
SEIYUU: Akira Ishida (JP), Robert Axelrod (ENG)
"Wizardmon is an advanced Demon Man Digimon that came from the Digital World of another dimension. In its native Digital World (Witchelny) it mastered the sorcery (advanced programming language) of fire and earth, and although it aimed to become a great wizard, it appeared in the Digimon World in order to train. Although it has a personality that likes playing a few practical jokes, because it has another, shyer side, it tries to never show its uncovered face. Its Special Move is summoning a thunder cloud, which unleashes an intense lightning strike (Thunder Cloud)." - Digimon Reference Book


Wizardmon can be used in Digimon World Dawn and Dusk. He is #105 and is a Champion-Level, Technical-class, Dark-species Digimon. He is resistant to Dark Element and is very weak against the Light Element.
Basic Stats:
Health Points: (HP) 715
Digi-Soul: (DS) 230
Attack: (AT) 128
Attack Speed: (AS) 2
Critical Hit: (CT) 6.51%
Hit Rate: (HT) 0%
Defense: (DE) 9
Avoid: (EV) 22%

Electro Squall, Thunder Cloud
Attribute: Pitch Black
DS Consumed: 51
Level Learned: 16
Description: Summons a thunder cloud which unleashes an intense lightning strike. In the Frontier season of Digimon, a Wizardmon uses this attack (seen in the photo to the left). He also becomes invisible while using it, but I don't think that is necessarily a criteria for the attack.
Magical Game, Magic Game
Attribute: Pitch Black
DS Consumed: 28
Level Learned: 11
Description: Demonstrates the breadth of its magical knowledge, from offensive abilities to invisibility and illusions. The initial effect of this attack would seem to be that Wizardmon releases blue lightning from its staff; however, the effect of this attack seems to vary.
Thunder Ball
Attribute: N/A
DS Consumed: N/A
Level Learned: N/A
Description: Releases a ball of energy with varying effects, from explosive energy to memory erasure.
Vision of Terror, Terror Illusion
Attribute: N/A
DS Consumed: N/A
Level Learned: N/A
Description: Exploits the target's fears with terrifying visions.


Wizardmon was always a lonely Digimon who traveled the Digital World by himself, searching for meaning and purpose. He grew tired because of his lack of food and constant movement, and collapsed one day. While he laid there, fearing that death would come for him soon because no Digimon around him stopped to aid him, he heard a voice. A Tailmon(Gatomon) stopped and literally put water in his mouth for him, pitying him. He woke up later in the night, sitting by a fire with the Digimon. He quickly hurried to his feet, thinking that he must continue on with his journey alone. Tailmon told Wizardmon not to leave, because he wasn't fully healed yet. She also warned him that if he continued to travel alone, his heart will soon become cold. The two ended up traveling together for the rest of Wizardmon's days, always appreciating what Tailmon had done for him. He explains, "I was about to die with a heart of stone due to my loneliness. The one who freed me from that loneliness, Tailmon... Was you."
This beginning part of his friendship with Tailmon meant a lot because instead of losing himself to the darkness, he found the light in her. He decided that in order to pay her back from saving not only his physical being, but his mental self as well, he would always stay by her side. The friendship wasn't one sided however, because Wizardmon remembered that Tailmon was searching for her Digi-destined when she was unable to remember what she was searching for. The dark and the light needed each other to survive their journeys. This is the symbolism I see from their relationship, that dark and light need each other in a balanced world, you can't have one without the other.
Myotismon believed that Wizardmon was on the dark side while Tailmon was forced to forget her true purpose. However, when they all go to the human world to find the 8th Digi-Destined, Wizardmon reminds Tailmon of what she has been searching for, Hikari. When Tailmon ends up betraying Myotismon for her true destiny, Wizardmon follows her and exclaims that he never betrayed Myotismon because the only side he was ever on was Tailmon's. The two battle Myotismon on their own, and Wizardmon gets thrown into the water, causing Tailmon to believe that her beloved friend was dead.
I think that Wizardmon survived the first blow from Myotismon because of how strong his heart had grown from his friendship with Tailmon. If he didn't have a purpose or a reason to keep living, I think that his data would have been erased, and he would have gone back to his baby stage in an egg to be reborn later. However, Wizardmon had a lot left to do in order to save his true friend, so he used the strength of love and the light that Tailmon had to keep pushing through the pain, and find her again. I won't only give the credit to his friendship though, because Wizardmon is a strong Digimon. He was found by Takeru and Jou and brought back to Hikari and Tailmon to bring them the Crest of Light so that he could finally fulfill his purpose of living.
Wizardmon arrives just in time, and throws Hikari and Tailmon their crest. Wizardmon then was the first to harm Myotismon in the battle, even without his wand and very hurt from the first mini-fight. Myotismon was shocked to see that Wizardmon was still alive, and he responds with "I'm the type who makes sure to pay back all of my debts," angering Myotismon even more. Wizardmon gets thrown against the side of a building, as Myotismon goes to attack Hikari and Tailmon with his deadly Grisly Wing. However, Wizardmon somehow manages to jump in front of the attack, saving his friend from death. In return, Wizardmon dies, but quickly tells Tailmon not to be sad because if he hadn't met her, he would have lived a life without any meaning. On his last breath, he tells Tailmon that he is very glad he had the chance to meet her, as he fades away.
Although I felt heartbroken when Wizardmon sacrificed his life for Tailmon and the others, I realized that he truly felt like that was his purpose in life. Tailmon gave Wizardmon a second chance to do something productive with himself, and his life. Before he met her, he was wandering for a purpose, and felt like he was going to die finding it. However, he was saved and given the chance to have a friend that would stay by his side until death do them part. Instead of dying a pitiful lonely death, he was able to die a hero in the tale of the Digi-Destineds, and more importantly, die to save his one and only true friend.



Three years later on the anniversary of Wizardmon's death, his data began to resurface as a "ghost," causing disturbances at the Fuji TV Station. When the Digi-Destineds came to the station, Tailmon realized that the ghost on all of the screens in the city was actually her deceased friend, Wizardmon. He came to give the gang a warning that the darkness that they are about to fight is way worse than the current enemy. Wizardmon appeared almost as a guardian angel here, coming down from the heavens to warn Tailmon of what is to come. I thought it was really great that the producers decided to bring Wizardmon back in this scene because if anyone would have been watching over them, it would have been him for sure. Tailmon reaches out to Wizardmon, but their hands unfortunately could not actually touch. Embarrassed and hurt, Wizardmon pulls away and apologizes as he leaves. Because their hands could not touch, the realization of his death became apparent again, hurting both of them. Part of me really wished that they could have m embraced because of how much they meant to each other, but I was happy that they had the chance to communicate once again.



A Wizardmon appears in Frontier, evolving from a Candlemon in an angry fight between Takuya and the Candlemon clan. After the battle, the Wizardmon vanished back down to it's beginner stage, as a Candlemon again. That part isn't what I found strange, but it was cool to see another Wizardmon in action. What I really found to be fascinating is when the group traveled to the Autumn Leaf Fair, and in many of the scenes during this episode, if you look in the background at the Digimon enjoying the fair, you will see a Tailmon and a Wizardmon walking around together, along with other Digimon from seasons 1 and 2. I read some articles on whether or not Frontier happened before the Adventure Season, and many people believe that it came first, and they were the original Digi-Destineds that were talked about in the first season. If that is the case, then perhaps this is the time period when Tailmon saves Wizardmon and the two become friends. We know from Digimon Adventure that the original Digimon waited a LONG time for their Digi-Destineds to appear in their world, and time is very different there, so it is very plausible that the Wizardmon and Tailmon we see in these photos at the Autumn Leaf Fair could be showing the parallels between Frontier and Digimon Adventure. Regardless, I am happy that the two were seen walking around together because it made me happy to see a friendship between a Wizardmon and a Tailmon once again!



In Wizardmon's official profile, it states that Wizardmon has mastered sorcery of fire and earth, but is hoping to become an advanced Wizard through it's journey in the Digimon World. Below is some real life information on Earth Fire Wizards/Mages and Magic:

Earth Magic in it's most basic form is associated with stability in people and things, heightening or lessening a desire for change. Stone, soil, metal, bone and gems are the primary physical embodiments of Earth, though the element is also often wrongly thought to be associated with the life produced from the soil, namely plants. It is said that "Earth changes for no one," causing a necessary patience and willpower to use the element of Earth, deeming it one of the most difficult to have mastered.

Fire Magic overall mainly tends to deal with the emotional and aggressive side of things, such as love, hatred, fear, willpower, and domination. Fire is not all chaos and destruction, as many seem to believe, for the great powers of love also stem forth from this element. Passion, the inner fire of an individual, burns within the heart of the soul, and when enraged to the point of a wildfire, is all but impossible to stop. Whether this be in the name of good or evil, however, is "in the eye of the beholder".

I think that we can see from the anime that Wizardmon definitely portrays these types of characteristics. He is trying to create stability and change in the Digimon World by teaming up with Tailmon and the humans to defeat the evil beings that are destroying that stability. We can also see that he has the willpower and patience in life as he journeyed alone, starving on the way, in order to find himself and his powers. Fire also makes a lot of sense because on his solo journey, he had to deal with a lot of emotions. Gaining a friendship with Tailmon allowed his inner fire to be good instead of evil, because she saved his heart from turning cold and into stone. Instead, he was able to use these powers for good and beneficial to the Digimon and Human World in general.


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