Welcome to a large gallery section dedicated to the many Tales of Symphonia related shrines that I own. Instead of splitting up all of the images, I decided to make one large portal where all of the images I have taken could be found. Seeing as how I only have large shrines to Lloyd Irving, Presea Combatir, and Yuan Ka-Fai, I decided to just have images for those characters. All images were taken by myself, so if you have any questions regarding the images found here feel free to email me. If you decide to use any of these images for your own personal use such as creating avatars or wallpapers/layouts, feel free to do so without credit. If you'd like to link back here that would be greatly appreciated. If you use any of these images in your own galleries on your own websites, a link back here is mandatory since I have taken a lot of time out of my schedule to take all of these photos. Thank you for your understanding. :)


Click on the following link to view each episode of images. I felt like this would be the best way to sort them up instead of placing them all on the main page. Have a nice look around, and please be sure to credit if you use any of the following images!

- Episode 1 - 36 images
- Episode 2 - 27 images
- Episode 3 - 27 images
- Episode 4 - 45 images

- Episode 1 - 25 images
- Episode 2 - 26 images
- Episode 3 - 49 images
- Episode 4 - 29 images

Sekai Tougou-Hen:
- Episode 1 - 49 images
- Episode 2 - 45 images
- Episode 3 - 45 images


The Following links will lead you to all of the Tales of Symphonia related tributes that you can find on this domain. All of these fansites galleries are linked to this Tales of Symphonia Gallery portal. If you are interested in getting to know Lloyd Irving, Presea Combatir, or Yuan Ka-Fai, please feel free to go and wander between each tribute. Thanks for stopping by!

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