the rag doll

NAME: Sally
ALIAS: Pumpkin Queen of Halloween Town
NICKNAMES: Doll face
CREATED BY: Dr.Finkelstein
VOICE ACTRESS: Catherine O'Hara
AGE: 200-250 years old

Sally was never human, unlike other characters in The Nightmare Before Christmas movie. She was created by a scientist to be a useful "doll," or "assistant" by helping him with his experiments. However, Sally developed a personality of her own: wild, spontaneous, and eager to be free. Displeased, Dr.Finkelstein often locked Sally away in her room so that she would learn to behave and follow his orders. Still, Sally managed to get away and attempt to live a life she desires: one with Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town

The Nightmare Before Christmas (often said as Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Chrismtas), was created in 1993 as an American stop motion musical fantasy horror film. It was produced by Henry Selick and produced/co-written by Tim Burton. The story is about Jack Skellington who lives in a town called Halloween Town, who is bored of his life. He opens the portal to Christmas Town, and decides to celebrate the new found holiday. The original Nightmare Before Christmas originated from a poem written by Tim Burton in 1982 while he was working as a Disney animator. After time of thinking, Tim Burton decided in 1990 that he wanted to go forward with plans with production starting in July 1991.


Sally is a Hebrew, American, and British girl name that means "princess." It is a very unpopular name in America right now in 2017. It was seen more often long ago. Based on Sally's personality, I thought that the website really portrayed her well. If you want to search a characters name, feel free to go to and see what you can find about their names as well!

→ "Your mind is quick to comprehend and you can be depended upon to do any job well."
→ "Your verbal expression does not reflect your inner thoughts and feelings, and you often wonder why people react to what you say."
→ "Your name leads you to assume considerable responsibility and to prefer to work independently, without direction or interference from others because you have very definite ideas of your own."
→ "You could suffer physically through head tension, with eye, teeth, or sinus problems, headaches, or mentally through worry."

Sally is simply a doll created out of old rags that are stitched together rather poorly. I say poorly because you can see all of her stitch marks on her "skin," making her a bit imperfect. The rags are all different colors (such as: yellow, pink, blue, and black) and also have all different types of patterns on them as well (such as: circles, stripes, and squiggles). Inside of these rags are various dead leaves and branches to almost fluff her body up. Due to her body being filled with stuffing, we are able to assume that Sally is unable to feel any physical pain to her body. We see a prime example of this when she jumps out of her bedroom window and falls on the ground. Parts of her body flew off due to the impact, but she just sat up and stitched herself back together. Sally has very red lips and long eye-lashes, which definitely help give her a feminine look. Finally, Sally wears small high-heeled black boots to cover her feet. We see Sally without her shoes on and find out that she has no toes, just a stub.

desire for freedom

Sally is Dr.Finkelstein's prized creation, and therefore he doesn't like her wandering around. He wants Sally to be obedient, submissive, and always catering to his needs. However, Sally doesn't want to be an assistant any longer, she wants to live her own life in Halloween Town. So, she often runs away from home in order to experience some type of life. Dr.Finkelstein catches Sally, and always punishes her for slipping some type of poison into his food. Sally uses deadly night shade to drug him, frogs breath to cover the stench of deadly night shade, and to top it off, she adds in worms wart to make it a flavor that Dr.Finkelstein can enjoy. Dr.Finkelstein is a scientist, so he obviously doesn't trust Sally after her drugging him previously. He asks her to taste it first, otherwise he wouldn't eat it at all. Sally takes after her creator, and cleverly brought a spoon with holes in it. She scoops up some of the soup she created and takes a long sip, claiming how yummy it is. Dr.Finkelstein slurps it all down, and ends up once again being knocked out. Sally is a sweet girl, but she has to do what she has to do in order to get out of the grasp of Dr.Finkelstein. Once she gets caught again, Sally is even willing to jump out of a window in order to escape the grasps of her owner. However, like stated above, Sally probably doesn't experience the physical pain of jumping, so it's not that big of a deal. Once she escapes this time, she is finally free of Dr.Finkelstein. She stays very alert and is always aware of her surroundings in order to keep her freedom and avoid seeing him at all costs.

the premonition

Sally's desire to escape all stems back to her feelings for Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King. Jack has always been a point of interest for Sally because she feels like the two are very similar. She once listened to Jack sing about how he wants something more out of life, and she couldn't believe someone else wanted that too. She was sick and tired of living the life she had, and she desired more. That desired thing was now Jack for her, and so she couldn't sit around anymore. Sally brings Jack a bottle, and once he opens it, a beautiful cloud in the shape of a butterfly flies out. This was Sally's way of telling Jack that she understands him, and wants something beautiful as well. Sally is too shy to stick around, so she runs away. She picks up a thistle weed off of the ground, and begins to pick it. The thistle turns into a Christmas Tree, nothing too unusual at first. All of a sudden, the tree bursts into flames and Sally realizes that Jack is stepping into hot water, and he shouldn't go through with his ideas to take over Christmas.

What's a premonition? A premonition is a type of prophecy that consists of a warning about the events of the future. The phenomenon is characterized by such sensations as anxiety, uneasiness, a vague feeling of disquiet suggesting impending disaster to actual visual or auditory hallucinations. Premonitions are sometimes referred to as a "gut-level" feeling. The sensation tends to occur prior to disasters, accidents, deaths and other traumatic and emotionally charged events.

soft-spoken logic

Sally rushes to tell Jack that he is making a huge mistake, but because of how soft-spoken she is, Jack is unable to fully process what she is telling him. Her warning goes without thought, and Jack tells Sally that she has the most important job of them all - to make his Sandy Claws suit. Sally hesitantly agrees, but tells him it's going to be horrible. Jack tells Sally to have faith in herself and he is sure the outfit will be great as long as she follows the pattern. Sally watches as all of Halloween Town begins "Making Christmas," in disgust. She becomes very uneasy and hesitant about everything, but because of how shy she is, she is unable to find it in herself to stop the mess that has begun right in front of her face. After Sally finishes her Sandy Claws suit, she tries to tell Jack that something isn't quite right, and he needs to rethink his actions before he goes through with it. Once again, Jack just thinks she is talking about the suit, and says that there IS something missing, but what could it be?! Sandy Claws gets dragged in front of them, and Jack tells Sandy Claws not to worry about Christmas this year. Jack tells Sally he realizes what was missing, his hat! He takes it, and begins to get ready for his night on the sleigh. Sally quickly makes one more effort to stop this fake Christmas by pouring a bunch of fog into the fountain. The whole sky becomes so foggy, Jack cries out that Christmas is ruined. Sally tries not to smile to herself, because she doesn't want people to notice (not that anyone would, they aren't smart or as thoughtful as she is). However, Zero is able to light Jack's way and they take off. Sally's attempts fail, and she gets chills on the thought of what may become of Jack.

sally cries out

Sally cries out in song about her worries and her feelings about Jack as she walks down the alley alone, contemplating on what she could do to try and save him.
I sense there's something in the wind
That feels like tragedy's at hand
And though I'd like to stand by him
Can't shake this feeling that I have
The worst is just around the bend

And does he notice my feelings for him?
And will he see how much he means to me?
I think it's not to be

What will become of my dear friend?
Where will his actions lead us then?
Although I'd like to join the crowd
In their enthusiastic cloud
Try as I may, it doesn't last

And will we ever end up together?
no, I think not, it's never to become
For I am not the one

Sally has a mental battle - to stick by Jack's side and try to fight for not only his well-being, but also their relationship, OR to give up and realize they don't share the same dream as she once thought they did. Sally is such a dedicated character, and it's hard for her to just give up on someone. She is stubborn in her own thoughts in the sense that she wants Jack to be what she believed he was. Because she has a glimpse of him making a mistake and rushing into something without thinking, it pains her.

fight for what you want

Sally watches Jack being shot at through the witches caldron and decides that she is not going to give up on Jack after all. She goes after Santa Claus in the hope that he can turn the day around and save not only Christmas, but Jack as well. Sally detaches her leg and uses it to distract Oogie Boogie, making it look like a sexy girl is showing off her legs for him. Meanwhile, her hands and body are trying to help untie Santa Claus to help him escape. However, he plans are foiled by Oogie when he realizes that it's just a leg, and not the full body. He turns around and traps both Sally and Santa Claus. Sally screams at Oogie and tells him that he is going to regret capturing them once Jack finds out. However, the Mayor of Halloween Town drives by claiming that Jack is now dead and was shot down by the humans. Oogie begins gambling with their lives, and right when he is about to kill them, Jack comes and saves the day. Jack destroys Oogie by pulling a string and letting all of Oogies bugs go out of his sack. Santa forgives Jack for what he did, and tells Sally that she is the only one who makes sense in Halloween Town. Jack and Sally lean towards each other, but are quickly interrupted by the towns folk.

Sally really goes out of her shell during these few scenes. She realizes what she wants, and for once she is finally not too scared to go out and get it. She puts her own life at risk in order to make sure her main goal comes true: being with Jack. She can't be with Jack if he dies pretending to be something he isn't. She loves the Jack that is the Pumpkin King, not that Jack that wants to be Sandy Claws. Jack appreciates Sally as well because he realizes that she stepped up to the plate in order to save him, Santa Claus, and Halloween Town as well.

simply meant to be

After returning back to Halloween Town, Jack realizes that he was in the fault. When he turns around, he sees Sally wandering away from the celebration and going towards the cemetery by herself. Jack sneaks away to follow after her. Sally sits and picks another thistle on the hill, and frowns to herself because its about to say "He loves me not," when Jack calls out to her:
Jack: My dearest friend, if you don't mind.
I'd like to join you by your side. Where we can gaze into the stars.

Jack and Sally: And sit together, now and forever.
For it is plain as anyone can see, we're simply meant to be
Sallys character is an amazing match for Jack because she brings a sense of reality into his life. For a long time, he was used to the same thing and thought he needed something new. That something, was actually Sally, nothing else. Sally was also wanting something new, a way to experience what life really has in store for her. She didn't think she would ever be happy until she saw Jack expressing similar ideas as her. Sally grows as a character throughout the movie because of her relationship and desire to be with Jack. I won't give all of the credit to Jack, however, because Sally gains inner character growth on her own when she decides to battle against Oogie Boogie to save Santa Claus and Jack.

I think the first 10 or so times I saw this movie, I was distracted by the cool music, and most importantly: JACK! However, the most recent time I watched this movie, I began to realize how awesome Sally was. She stood out more to me as I watched her fight for what she believed in. She used her "brain," and her senses in order to know what she should and shouldn't be doing. She only doubted herself once or twice, and she thought about whether or not that doubt was good or bad. In the end, she believed in herself and her vibes she got from Jack and went through with her desires. She ends up with Jack as the smooch in the moonlight!